Aluminum Decking

Welcome to the last deck you will ever own. Craft-Bilt aluminum waterproof decking outlasts any other material. If you are looking for deck boards that never twist or decay, and provide a true skid-proof surface, you have come to the right place. Get your free deck board sample today!


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Waterproof Decking Profile

What is waterproof aluminum decking material? To learn more, visit our “Aluminum Decking Page” please.

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Aluminum Leak Proof Decking

Craft-Bilt’s revolutionary aluminum locking seal and continuous gutter technology provides a gap-less floor for waterproof decking and roof covering with single layer construction. Aluminum decking is absolutely watertight underneath with no additional plywood or membranes required. The deck boards lock together under pressure to form a waterproof joint. In the unlikely event that any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away.

Aluminum waterproof deck balcony




Beautiful Sunroom

 No Slip Decking

Craft-Bilt’s  heavy duty powder coat finish has an imbedded crumble for unmatched non-skid performance. Seeing is believing, ask for a sample when you contact us.

Craft-Bilt aluminum decking is available in two colours, Desert Sand, and Grey. Desert Sand is the perfect match for our Desert Sand railing and it’s a nice light earth tone colour that goes with many home colour schemes. The Grey colour compliments any architectural decor, and for wood fans, it mimics the look of weathered cedar.

Get the benefits not found in any of the wood or composite decking products:

  • Eliminates painting, staining and waterproofing.
  • No splintering, cracking, fading, rotting or warping
  • No nail/screw popping, hidden fasteners
  • It can’t burn or tear like membranes, won’t degrade from UV like plastics and composites
  • Non-combustible: aluminum will not igite or burn, it doesn’t melt until 1,220° F (660° C)
  • Excellent thermal conductor, it’s cool to the touch and won’t hold heat like other materials
  • It’s Green: aluminum can be recycled indefinitely
  • It’s truly non-skid, the safe choice for your friends and family
  • It will outlast any wood, membrane or plastic based product
  • Waterproof: create living space below your deck and ensure that the support structure will be protected from the elements, virtually eliminating any chance of rot, mildew or decay


Residential Decking

Put on the last deck you’ll ever own! No more painting, staining, sealing, knot holes, splinters or decay. If you’ve been a homeowner for any amount of time, you’ll appreciate the true meaning of “maintenance-free” decking. Your deck will look new for years to come.

Commercial Decking

Convert almost any commercial rooftop into a useable area by using Craft-Bilt’s waterproof decking material. Create an entertainment area, or a communal area for residents. Install decking material on sleepers and forget about it. Light-weight aluminum decking is ideal for this task since it will not add appreciable weight to the roof structure and it may help to extend the life of your existing commercial roof membrane.

Marine Decking

Our aluminum decking has non-skid finish. It is especially useful in a marine application. Protect yourself and your guests from slips and falls. Eliminate those yearly board replacements with Craft-Bilt maintenance-free aluminum decking. Our decking is found on:

• Docks
• Boat Decks
• Boat Houses
• Marinas


The Craft-Bilt decking system is a heavy gauge extruded aluminum product.

Extrusions are made by forcing heated aluminum under hundreds of tons of pressure through a special custom made die. The resulting shapes can be quite intricate and follow close tolerances. Different alloys and tempers are available depending on the strength required.

Aluminum decking components

Our decking is made from one of the strongest alloys available: 6005-T6. Testing by Trow Associates has shown that the 1″ x 6″ boards can sustain 1085 pounds per square foot on 24″ centers!


Before considering an aluminum deck board supplier, check the wall thickness of the product. The thinner the wall, the less they can sell it for.

Waterproof Decking Profile

Craft-Bilt’s Waterproof Aluminum Decking has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog spray test

The recognized body for aluminum paint finish standards is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Our Super-Durable exterior powder coat finish exceeds most of the specifications of the highest AAMA standard, 2605, and fully meets the AAMA 2604 quality standard. Compare these statistics to other aluminum deck board manufacturer’s who only paint to AAMA 2603. The AAMA 2605 specification includes chemical resistance, fading, gloss retention, 4000 hour salt spray and many other properties.



Craft-Bilt waterproof decking has also been tested against common household spills such as ketchup, mustard and beer with no change after four weeks of exposure. Although we only recommend detergent and water to clean the decking, we’ve further proven it’s durability by testing against harsher cleaners. Refer to the documents in the resources area for more information.

Waterproof Decking

The chemicals in pressure treated lumber can be corrosive towards aluminum. Un-treated lumber is typically all you need when using Craft-Bilt decking, since no moisture will come into contact with the joists. Feel secure when installing Craft-Bilt waterproof decking knowing that it has passed the ASTM B117 salt fog spray test on the most corrosive ACQ pressure treatment formulation.

Our coating is formulated with a coarse additive to achieve high anti-slip properties. While everything is done to control these additives in the powder manufacturing and application processes, variations in colour can occur due to variables such as lighting, angle of viewing and the size, concentration and orientation of these coarse particles.


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Q1What are the standard lengths for water proof aluminum decking?

A1 – Standard boards are 1″ high by 6” wide and 24′ long. We make
custom lengths to minimize your waste (Max.26′ long).


Q2What colours are available for Craft-Bilt decking?

A2 – We have two standard colours: Desert Sand and Grey. Desert sand
is a light beige that blends with many home exteriors, and it matches
our sand railing colour. Grey goes with many outdoor landscapes, and
it is the perfect choice with white or black railing. Custom colours
are available for minimum sized jobs, but we do not recommend white
deck boards since the reflection of the sun can be overwhelming.


Q3Are Craft-Bilt’s locking deck boards really waterproof?

A3 – Yes, they are waterproof. When the deck boards lock together, the
joint is held under pressure by the fulcrum design of the lock. In the
unlikely event that any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is
an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away. There is no
caulking in our deck joints, and no vinyl or rubber gasket, so you
don’t have to worry about a seal that could deteriorate over time. Our
boards are heavy gauge aluminum and don’t require additional sealants
or membranes.Proper flashing from the house to the deck boards is
important, as it would be with any product.


Q4Is Craft-Bilt Aluminum Decking non-skid?

A4 – Yes, our decking is truly non-skid. It will not be slippery like
wood or other smooth surfaces. Some man-made materials may claim to
have a non-slip pattern or textured finish, but only an embedded
crumble provides true non-skid performance. It is the responsibility
of the owner to maintain their deck in a safe condition, to remove any
debris, ice or substance that could promote a slip.


Q5Is your water tight decking easy to install?

A5 – Installation of our decking system is easy. If you are planning
to install as a home owner, you should be familiar with power tools
such as a power drill, mitre saw and skill saw. You will require
special blades to cut the aluminum: carbide tip for non-ferrous metal.
We have an “easy to follow” installation guide for aluminum decking.
Installation basically involves cutting the boards to length, drilling
clearance holes for the joists, and screwing the boards to the joists
with our stainless steel screws.


Q6How about heat? Do aluminum deck boards get hot?

A6 – When you think of metal, it is always cool to the touch. In fact,
aluminum is used extensively as heat sinks for all sorts of consumer
and industrial equipment. Craft-Bilt enlisted an independent test
laboratory to do heat testing in direct sunlight. On a hot sunny day,
our standard colour aluminum deck boards will not be warmer than other
decking material.


Q7What kind of frame do I need under the water proof decking?

A7 – Untreated lumber is typically all you need when using Craft-Bilt
decking since it will not be exposed to the elements. The chemicals in
pressure treated lumber can be corrosive towards unfinished aluminum,
however Craft-Bilt has performed extensive salt spray testing with our
deck boards on ACQ treated lumber, with no adverse effects. We used an
independent testing agency who tested our deck boards on 24″ centres
with outstanding results. The typical building code requirement for an
outdoor deck is 100 pounds per square foot, our deck boards performed
well in excess of that requirement.


Q8Can aluminum decking be scratched?

A8 – Our sophisticated pre-treatment of the metal, and high quality
powder coat formula will ensure a lifetime of service but as with any
painted material, if you push hard enough, it can be scratched. The
beauty of aluminum, is that it does not rust or decay in any way. It
will still last a lifetime. Composites and vinyls may show scratches
less, but they have a shelf life that can not be denied. More
information can be found in our “New Deck Care & Feeding” document. If
you do scratch the deck, Craft-Bilt can supply touch up paint or you
can use any good quality outdoor paint made for walking surfaces
colour matched locally.


Q9Can that be installed in stairs?

A9- Absolutely yes, please visit picture gallery to view projects which utilized Craft-Bilt’s waterproof decking in the stairs.


Q10 – How do you clean aluminum decking?

A10 – With soap & water! Consult our “New Deck Care & Feeding” document
for more information.


Q11 – How much does aluminum decking cost?

A11 – Aluminum is among the most expensive ways to build your deck.
But the payoff is a beautiful deck that will never twist, splinter,
rot, mildew, shrink, become brittle or succumb to insects. It will
truly outlast any other decking material. Use our Contact Us form to
find the name of a local dealer who can provide pricing for installed
or DIY deck installation. In cases where there is no local dealer,
we’ll quote your decking material directly to you.

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