An Aluminum Railing With Awesome Strength and Beautiful, Clean Design.


Attractive Outdoor Railing

But strength isn’t our only feature. The beauty of Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is in it’s clean lines. There are no protruding splicers or couplings, everything is flush and smooth. The modern, substantive appearance will add value and “curb appeal” to your property.

Craft-Bilt Aluminum Railing eliminates the hassle of painting or staining. Never again worry about orange, rusting wrought iron or that rotting, loose wood. (A splinter from pressure treated wood is a good source of vitamin arsenic). Worried about expansion, contraction, fading or cracking associated with plastic (pvc) and pvc composite products? You should be.

Aluminum is used in commercial buildings, aircraft, aerospace and many other critical applications for it’s strength, exact tolerance and maintenance-free properties. This is not the aluminum railing you see at your lumber store. Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is designed to meet the national and provincial building codes.

Craft-Bilt’s post caps, wall brackets and unique post bracket covers are made from CNC machined or die-cast aluminum… not plastic. Look closely… all the screws are hidden from view!

Visit our product blog to view “Advantages of Aluminum Railing

Picket Railing with 2 Parallel Hand Rails

Double Top Rail with Pickets

One look at our heavy aluminum posts and you will be impressed with the difference. Craft-Bilt’s unique design eliminates the reliance on screws that other companies use to attach their handrails to the posts. Our system is designed to use the largest anchors possible when fastening to your deck or slab. Visit our YouTube page to see comparisons and real post testing to show compliance with national and provincial codes.

Craft-Bilt railing is designed for custom on-site fabrication to achieve a seamless blend with the architecture of your home. In addition to looking lovely on your home, Craft-Bilt railing provides an unparalleled level of safety.

LED Lighting For Railing

Announcing our high output LED sconce light. Our unique design beautifully compliments your Craft-Bilt railing installation. Made with quality parts as you’ve come to expect from Craft-Bilt : die cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens and stainless steel screws to name a few. Please click the Specifications tab for more information.

railing lights in muskoka

LED lighting for Craft-Bilt Railing

Are You Looking for Frameless Glass Railing?

In 2012, Craft-Bilt designed heavy duty glass adapters from scratch. They allow thick ½” glass panels to be used with any of our post styles. Find out more by visiting our Youtube Channel or visiting our topless glass railing page for more information.


Beautifully Designed Craft-Bilt Structural Railing can be Utilized in Various Places


  • Backyard Decks
  • Front Porches
  • Around Pools
  • Balcony Railing
  • Privacy Panel
  • Balcony Divider
  • Boat House Railing
  • Cottages
  • Stairs inside and outside
  • Handicap Ramp Railing
  • Aluminum Fencing
  • Juliet Balcony Railing
Aluminum Railing on Balcony That Is Cut Into The Roof Line

Railing on Balcony Cut Into Roof


  • Condominium Railing
  • Entryway
  • Handicap Ramps
  • Divider Fence
  • Store Entrance
  • Hotel / Campground Pool Fence
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Wind Screen for Out Door Patios
Condominum Railing near Dartmouth

Condominium Railing


Please visit our Waterproof Aluminum Decking page to see Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Decking and Aluminum Railing in combination.


The Features and Options to Truly Customize Your Railing

  • Exclusive die-cast aluminum floor bracket covers hide all unsightly bolts and hardware for clean finished look.
  • Gentle curves designed into the hand rail make it comfortable to the touch.
  • Specially designed caps provide a smooth, clean appearance while concealing fasteners from view.
  • Snap-in Picket spacers eliminate unsightly gaps between the pickets, while providing a solid look and feel.
  • Polyester Powder Coating and Duracon Thermosetting Acrylic Enamel finishes assure a long lasting, trouble-free finish that is surface-impact, corrosion and scratch resistant.

Craft-Bilt Aluminum Railing Standard Colour Options

White Sand Satin Black Earthstone
White Aluminum Colour Chip Sand Railing Colour Chip Black Aluminum Colour Sample Terrytone Aluminum Railing

Picket and Glass Options for your Railing

  • ⅝” Square Picket Option
  • 1½” x ⅝” Picket Option
  • ⅝” Basket Picket Option
  • Tempered Glass Clear, Tinted or Frosted
Aluminum Railing Styles

Picket & Glass Options

Craft-Bilt Aluminum Railing Post Options

  • 2¼” Post
  • 3″ Post
  • 5½” Post
  • 2¼” Cross Over Post
Aluminum Railing Posts

Railing Post Options

Halogen Lighting Option for Railing Posts

The Craft-Bilt halogen light is 3 watts. To maintain warranty we recommend using our 12V transformer. It has a unique threaded body with fixing nut that allows it to be installed in thin-wall material, such as our aluminum posts. High quality halogen technology and stainless bezel means your lights will stand the test of time.

Aluminum Railing with Halogen Lights

Railing with Halogen Lights


Double Top Rail Option

Add some sizzle to your balcony with our double top rail option. An additional bottom rail is inverted, and spaced 3⅞” away from the hand rail. Meets building codes when used in 42″ high railing. Consult your local building department for 36″ high railing applications.

Aluminum Railing Specifications

Double Rail Option

All New LED Sconce Light

Designed from scratch by Craft-Bilt, the curves of the sconce light match the same curves used in our handrail so it blends beautifully with our railing system.

  • Die cast aluminum – no plastic
  • The latest high output LED technology
  • Five year warranty
  • Colour matched powder coat finish
  • Polycarbonate lens, impact resistant
  • Stainless screws for the lens and internal circuitry
  • Installation is a snap!
  • Each light contains 3 1W high output LED’s – 3 watts total power
  • Expected life span: 50000 hours
  • Light output: 110 – 120 LM/W
  • Epistar LED chip

To maintain warranty we recommend using our 12V transformers.  They are outdoor rated and feature photo cell and timer. When selecting a transformer, reduce the stated capacity by 20% (i.e. a 100 watt transformer should not be used for more than 80 watts of lights).


LED Sconce Light


Lighting Your Deck or Porch

Privacy Panel / Balcony Divider / Pool Fencing

Craft-Bilt’s aluminum railing system can be used to enclose outdoor restaurant seating, as a privacy panel, a balcony divider or to make your pool safe for children. The system can be manufactured to any height you need, typically five or six feet, and it can be installed on concrete or a wood deck.

Privacy panels are made with 5mm or 6mm thick tempered glass or ⅝” thick multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Tempered glass is typically ordered in “frosted”, also known as “pinhole”, which obscures the view. Polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, opal ice or bronze colour. Opal ice, which has a milky white appearance, is the best choice for privacy.

privacy panel

Privacy Panel with Polycarbonate

Privacy Panel with black railing

Privacy Panel with Frosted Tempered Glass

Aluminum Railing Gates:

Craft-Bilt railing gates are made with matching post and handrail material, so they blend in perfectly. Our gates feature welded gussets in the corners so you know they will swing true for the life of your railing. Our gate hardware is second to none, made of high strength resins with spring loaded hinges and lockable latch with built in keylock!


Aluminum Railing Gates


Front Porch with Railing and Gate