Whether you’re looking to add value to your home to sell, or you’re undertaking home improvements to upgrade your property for changing family needs, the three questions you should ask yourself are “is it beautiful?”, “will it last?” and “is it practical?”.  Where possible, don’t skimp on quality, and pay attention to small details, such as windows, awnings and shades, as well as major building work, such as sunrooms or revamped patio areas.

Curb Appeal


Porch Enclosure – Before and After

First impressions count, and that includes your home. Your front door should be making a contribution to the energy efficiency of your home as well as security. A porch enclosure provides an excellent aesthetic and practical enhancement, with basket aluminum railing adding a “finished” look to your property. Fabric awnings over doors and windows both improve the look and feel of your house, shielding your front rooms from the elements.

Energy Efficiency

retractable awning energy efficiency

Retractable awnings are a great way to save energy

Although you can’t control the elements, you can take steps with your home improvement to limit their effect.  Alongside making sure your heating and air conditioning systems are up to date, don’t rule out fitting solar shades, or even a retractable awning to shade the windows that catch most of the sun. Outdoor window shades are a year round aid to controlling your indoor environment, keeping out the worst of seasonal storms, and shielding your home interior from the sun’s glare.


sunroom addition

Sunroom addition adds value to your house

Room additions to your property are frequently the stuff dreams are made of for homeowners, but adding a solarium, or a four-season sunroom to your home is a serious investment. Whether you’re looking to build a sunroom or screen room for entertaining friends, or to use as a relaxing family room, there’s no doubt that as investment in your lifestyle, it can’t be bettered.

Backyard Refacing

backyard improvement

Backyard improvement

A beautifully-maintained garden or patio area can take on the function of an extra room to your home in warmer months, even if you don’t have the means or space for a sunroom.  Aluminum deck and railing gives a contemporary, designer feel, and a translucent roof for your patio covering will allow you to enjoy maximum natural light on days that whilst warm, aren’t necessarily dry!  Whether you go for a paved area, natural wood, or aluminum decking will largely depend upon your budget but keep an eye out for non-slip, maintenance free products.
When looking to enhance and invest in your home, attention to details – big and small – will ensure that you are more than content with the end result. Taking the outdoors indoors with your perfect sunroom will give you a new showpiece space, and awnings, railings, and patio covers will take your home to magazine perfection.

By Bart Bremmers