At Craft-Bilt we make several kinds of roof systems, complete with aluminum columns and beam. We make insulated roofs and translucent roofs. But there are reasons you might not need a complete roof system:
  • Outside your budget
  • You already have a wood or metal framework
  • You want to use cedar or other framing material to create a certain aesthetic
In those cases, you would be well served with our Skyview Low Profile glazing track system. It uses our translucent polycarbonate sheets with anodized aluminum couplers (joiners). The couplers are provided as a kit that includes the base track, top track, screw cover and the gaskets.
Low Profile Pergola Cover Option
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets are typically used in Opal Ice or Bronze tints. 16mm (5/8″) thick sheets provide a great combination of strength and insulation. Insulation is normally not considered in a patio cover, but multi-wall construction can help eliminate condensation under the roof caused by temperature changes and humidity levels.
Please visit Low Profile Page to see the price list and more info.
There are several ways to install our Low Profile polycarbonate tracks:
1-Directly on rafters
How to Install Polycarbonate Sheets on Wood Pergola

2-You can save money by skipping some rafters but then you will need to put screws through the sheet with special sealing washers

How to Install Polycarbonate Sheets on Wood Pergola-2

3-Or you can install on purlins (a fancy way to say “strapping”

How to Install Polycarbonate Sheets on Wood Pergola-3

We usually stock our sheets in at least 4′ widths. But you can inquire for wider sheets if you want to use the least amount of aluminum couplers.
You can install Skyview Low Profile on wood or metal framework. Often we are contacted by a homeowner who had some wavy fiberglass or other type of covering that has deteriorated.
Here is a nice job of re-glazing a steel framework:
Patio Cover Translucent
Polycarbonate is an incredibly tough material used in bullet proof glass, automotive head lamps, eye glasses and many other products where toughness and transparency are required. It also has excellent flame resistance and self extinguishes when the flame is removed. It’s toughness and flame resistance are much higher than acrylic multi-wall sheets.
Polycarbonate sheets from Craft-Bilt block almost all the harmful UV, while allowing pleasing amounts of diffused light, without the glare of glass roofs.
As always… follow our installation guides and adhere to local building codes.