Announcing LED Sconce Lighting for Craft-Bilt Railing

Designed from scratch by Craft-Bilt, the sconce light blends beautifully with our railing system. The curves of the sconce light incorporate the same radius’s used in our handrail. In our testing, the blue white LED was too bright and sterile, so we opted for the comfortable “warm LED” colour. But make no mistake, even at only 3 watts, these lights provide more than enough light for your deck. The lights are focused slightly outward and away from the post, to light your way better.


Craft-Bilt sconce lights have the quality & features you’ve come to expect:

  • Die cast aluminum – no plastic
  • The latest high output LED technology
  • Five year warranty (see web site for details)
  • Colour matched powder coat finish
  • Polycarbonate lens, impact resistant and designed to focus light on the deck, slightly outward from the post
  • Stainless screws for the lens and internal circuitry
  • Installation is a snap!

LED Specifications:

  • Each light contains 3 1W high output LED’s
  • Expected life span: 50000 hours
  • Light output: 110 – 120 LM/W
  • Epistar LED chip

Exclusive Offer To The First 5 Clients!

We need pictures of beautiful railing jobs with sconce lights for our web site and brochures. The first 5 qualifying projects with sconce lights will receive FIVE FREE SCONCE LIGHTS.
How it works:

  • Send us 2 pictures of the site prior to installation to [email protected]
  • We’ll reply if the project qualifies as brochure quality (at our sole discretion)
  • Pay for your railing job in full.
  • Send us at least 6 pictures
  • If we determine the pictures are brochure quality (at our sole discretion), we’ll issue a credit or refund for the 5 sconce lights

Things to consider when taking pictures:

  • Use your cameras highest quality setting
  • Stage the picture, remove any clutter
  • Supply some 2 pictures of the entire project and some closer pictures to show off the sconce lights

By Bart Bremmers