You must have a minimum of 2 people available at the time of delivery to manually unload the shipment. Craft-Bilt’s driver may assist at his/her option but you should not depend on this. Craft-Bilt recommends that you have tools available such as work gloves, metal snips, hammer, crowbar, utility knife to assist in opening skids/packaging. Please be sure to follow your province’s Health and Safety guidelines.

You are responsible for confirming the delivery time with Craft-Bilt. Craft-Bilt is not responsible for any delays or inconveniences that may occur. You will be billed for any waiting or unloading time in excess of one hour at a rate of $80 per hour in quarter hour increments.

In the case of damaged freight or shortages, you must note the damages or shortage on the delivery paperwork at the time of delivery and also provide photographs of the damaged material to your contact at Craft-Bilt. Please see our Terms Conditions for more information.

You are responsible for additional trucking costs, such as but not limited to, repeated delivery attempts, rerouting or charges that are not part of the original arrangement with Craft-Bilt.

Craft-Bilt Delivery Truck