If your shades are inside the house… you’re losing the energy battle!

Office solar shades

And solar radiation accounts for approximately 20% of the load on an air conditioner!

We are excited to tell you about one of our recent innovations, energy saving exterior shades specially designed for your windows, porch or sunroom.

These handsome shades will dramatically reduce cooling costs for your home, as well as provide privacy and shade. Why are exterior shades better than interior window treatments? Because they are installed on the OUTSIDE your windows, they block the heat of the sun before it gets into your windows and your home. When you have interior shades, it’s too late! The heat has already entered you home.

The following graphs show how much exterior shades can reduce heat gain on east, south and west facing glass.

solar shade energy saving diagram

Which wall of your house gets the most sun in the summer? Covering the glass on just that one side will save you on air conditioning costs… and make your house that much more comfortable without any AC!

Betterliving Exterior Solar Shades are the best defense against the heat. Because they absorb the solar radiation before it passes through the glass, they keep the interior much cooler. Exterior shades are widely used in Europe because most homes and commercial buildings do not have air conditioning.

Now, with energy costs rising and a growing awareness about energy conservation, exterior shades are becoming more prevalent in North America.

Solar shades are available in a wide variety of fabrics, with light filtering options from 30% up to 100%.

Betterliving Exterior Solar Shades use extruded aluminum tracks that are colour matched to the compact cassette. Several colours are available as well as custom colours. They are mounted on the outside, so you can keep them closed over your open windows and doors, and avoid the annoying rattling and blowing of interior blinds or curtains. When you don’t need them for shade or privacy, they roll up into a sleek cassette, out of sight.

By Bart Bremmers