Frequently Ask Question Regarding Watertight Aluminum Decking

Q1 – What are the standard lengths for waterproof* aluminum decking?

A1 – Aluminum boards are 1″ high by 6” wide. Standard lengths are 14′, 16′, 18′, 20′, 22′ and 24′ long. On large projects, we can produce custom lengths to minimize your waste. Custom lengths are available up to 30′ long.  (subject to change)

Aluminum Railing with Waterproof Decking

Q2 – What colours are available for Craft-Bilt aluminum decking?

A2 – We have two standard colours: Desert Sand and Grey. Desert sand is a light beige that blends with many home exteriors, and it matches our sand railing colour. Grey goes with many outdoor landscapes, and it is the perfect choice with white or black railing. Custom colours are available for minimum sized jobs, but we do not recommend white deck boards since the reflection of the sun can be overwhelming.

Q3 – Are Craft-Bilt’s locking deck boards really waterproof?

Aluminum Decking Board Profile

A3 – In most circumstances they are waterproof. When the deck boards lock together, the joint is held under pressure by the fulcrum design of the lock. If any moisture gets past the pressure lock, there is an integral gutter in each deck board to carry it away. In freezing climates, a warm spell may cause meltwater on the deck. If the hidden gulley is plugged with ice the meltwater might overflow the gulley and you might see some drips beneath the deck. Broom off meltwater if desired. Otherwise you will not have any water issues as long as you follow our installation guides. Decking should not be used as the sole roofing solution over living space. There is no caulking in our deck joints, and no vinyl or rubber gasket, so you don’t have to worry about a seal that could deteriorate over time. Proper flashing from the house to the deck boards is important, as it would be with any product, refer to our decking installation guides.

Q4 – Is Craft-Bilt Aluminum Decking non-skid?

A4 – Yes, our decking is truly non-skid. It will not be slippery like wood or other smooth surfaces. Some man-made materials may claim to have a non-slip pattern or textured finish, but only an embedded crumble provides true non-skid performance. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain their deck in a safe condition, to remove any debris, ice or substance that could promote a slip.

Q5 – Is your watertight decking easy to install?

A5 – Installation of our decking system is easy. If you are planning to install as a homeowner, you should be familiar with power tools such as a power drill, miter saw, and skill saw. You will require special blades to cut the aluminum: carbide tip for non-ferrous metal. We have easy to follow installation guides for our aluminum decking. Installation basically involves cutting the boards to length, drilling clearance holes for the joists, and screwing the boards to the joists with our stainless steel screws.

Installation instruction is available at Aluminum Decking Installtion Instuctions.

Q6 – How about heat? Do aluminum deck boards get hot?

A6 – When you think of metal, it is always cool to the touch. In fact, aluminum is used extensively as heat sinks for all sorts of consumer and industrial equipment. Craft-Bilt enlisted an independent test laboratory to do heat testing in direct sunlight. On a hot sunny day, our standard colour aluminum deck boards will not be warmer than any other decking material, and often cooler. Check out our decking heat comparison where we test how hot aluminum decking, composite decking and membranes get in direct sunlight.

Q7 – What kind of frame do I need under the waterproof decking?

A7 – Untreated lumber is typically all you need when using Craft-Bilt decking since it will not be exposed to the elements. The chemicals in pressure treated lumber can be corrosive towards unfinished aluminum, however, Craft-Bilt has performed extensive salt spray testing with our deck boards on ACQ treated lumber, with no adverse effects. We used an independent testing agency who tested our deck boards on 24″ centres with outstanding results. The typical building code requirement for an outdoor deck is 100 pounds per square foot, our deck boards performed well in excess of that requirement.

Q8 – Can aluminum decking be scratched?

A8 – Our sophisticated pre-treatment of the metal and high-quality powder coat formula will ensure a lifetime of service but as with any painted material, if you push hard enough, it can be scratched. The beauty of aluminum is that it does not rust or decay in any way. It will still last a lifetime. Composites and vinyls may show scratches less, but they have a shelf life that can not be denied. More information can be found in our “New Deck Care & Feeding” document. If you do scratch the deck, Craft-Bilt can supply touch up paint or you can use any good quality outdoor paint made for walking surfaces colour matched locally. Consult the decking warranty before painting your boards.

Q9– Can that be installed in stairs?

A9– Absolutely yes, please visit our picture gallery to view projects with aluminum decking in the stairs. An installation guide is available for stairs.

Q10 – How do you clean aluminum decking?

A10 – With soap & water! Consult our “New Deck Care & Feeding” document for more information.

Q11 – How much does aluminum decking cost?

A11 – Aluminum is among the most expensive ways to build your deck. But the payoff is a beautiful deck that will never twist, splinter, rot, mildew, shrink, become brittle or succumb to insects. It will truly outlast any other decking material. Use our Contact Us form to find the name of a local contractor who can provide pricing for installed or DIY deck installation. In cases where there is no local retailer, we’ll quote your decking material directly to you.

Also, you can use our Aluminum deck calculator to cost your project.

Q11 – Can Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Railing be installed on Aluminum Decking?

A11 – Yes, our aluminum railing can be installed on our aluminum decking. Please refer to our installation instruction page for more information.