What value would you place on a 50 year warranty given to you by a 5 year old company?

A warranty is only as solid as the company giving it to you. Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd. has been in business for over 25 years. Our US affiliate, Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Co. has been in business for over 60 years. Together we supply contractors and dealers across North America with high quality, tested products.

Your written Craft-Bilt product warranty is typically provided to you by the company that installed the product. This company will offer their own separate labour warranty. To validate the Craft-Bilt warranty, the homeowner must fill out the registration card and mail it to Craft-Bilt. Our warranties are serialized and tracked in our database. An exception to this is our Betterliving™ shade products and LED sconce light warranties which are not serialized and do not require a registration card. Please read the warranties for complete details.

Betterliving™ Sunroom Warranty

Craft-Bilt Vista,PanelCraft and Northlander Warranty

Craft-Bilt Decking and Railing Warranty

Craft-Bilt Awning Warranty


Thank you for considering Craft-Bilt products.