Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Payment TermsSales are payment in advance except as follows. On large orders, at our discretion, Craft-Bilt may accept a 50% deposit and the other 50% must be paid prior to shipping. Terms may be extended based on a favourable review of your credit application, refer to conditions in your Craft-Bilt credit application and credit approval letter.
  2. Freight PolicyMost orders are shipped F.O.B. from our factory in Ajax, Ontario. Certain distributed items may be shipped F.O.B. from the manufacturer city.If you specify a carrier your order will be shipped “collect”. Craft-Bilt may or may not enter a valuation on the Bill of Lading at it’s discretion unless specifically mentioned on your purchase order. Craft-Bilt is not responsible for missing or inaccurate valuation.

    If you do not specify a carrier or you are purchasing online Craft-Bilt will use a carrier of it’s choice. Online purchases may also allow you to select a service level. Your order will be shipped “prepaid” and a shipping price will be added to your order. If a cost to ship was not known or otherwise omitted from your order you will be invoiced separately at a later date.

    When the carrier picks up a shipment from Craft-Bilt and signs the Bill of Lading, this verifies that the shipment is complete and in good condition, and title to the material passes to the freight company. When receiving a prepaid shipment you are responsible to inspect it. If the piece count matches the delivery slip and the shipment is undamaged, sign for it, but if there is visible damage or you suspect damage note carefully the items below.

    Damaged or Suspected Damage

    1. If damage is obvious while the shipment is still in the carriers vehicle take pictures before unloading.
    2. Unload the shipment and inspect the packages. If you suspect hidden damage due to the condition of the packaging, ask the driver to wait while you open the affected item(s). Take pictures of any damage.
    3. Note any damage or shortages on the delivery slip before signing it. Be specific, “subject to inspection” is not a valid description. If there is no carbon copy take a photo of the paperwork. Some carriers use an electronic signature, ask the driver how to document the damage.
    4. Contact Craft-Bilt at once. We will file a claim with the carrier. Replacement material will be shipped as soon as possible at our cost unless your failure to follow the steps above results in a denied claim, in which case you will be billed at prevailing prices and terms.
    5. You must keep any damaged material and packaging available for inspection or salvage until you are told it is OK to dispose of it.
    6. You may have hidden damage that was not detected at the time of receiving. Make sure to unwrap and inspect all packages within 15 days, otherwise it is assumed the damage occurred while in your possession. Take pictures.

    In the case of damage with a collect shipment (where you are paying the carrier for the shipping) you will file a claim with the carrier for any damage and replacement parts can be ordered from Craft-Bilt at prevailing prices and terms. Proper receiving and documentation of any damage are your sole responsibility.

    You are required to follow our Shipping Instructions, available at craft-bilt.com/shipping

  3. OrderingSupporting product information like load tables and installation guides are freely available to customers by contacting Craft-Bilt. You may be required to sign certain agreements before you can begin purchasing material or accessing certain documents or download sites. Although a Craft-Bilt representative may provide quotes or assist with your product selection based on information you provide, you are ultimately responsible:
    1. That product selected meets local building codes.
    2. To follow Craft-Bilt installation guides, engineering drawings and local building codes.
    3. For the accuracy and completeness of your order.

    Your order may have insufficient quantity due to an error in the material calculation for which you are responsible as described above. Additional material will be provided at prevailing prices and terms.

    Your order may have excess quantity due to an error in the material calculation for which you are responsible as described above. Parts or full stock lengths sold by the “each” may be returned at Craft-Bilt’s sole discretion, see Returns.

    Some products are sold as kits or complete assemblies. Often extra parts are left over after the kit is installed. These parts are not refundable.

    Any ready date given for an order is approximate and subject to change. Craft-Bilt is not responsible in any way for order delays.

    If you agree to receive an incomplete order please note that back-ordered items are not shipped prepaid unless previously arranged.

  4. ReturnsAll returns must be approved by Craft-Bilt. After authority is granted, material must be returned within 30 days. Any material returned must be freight prepaid and be in re-sellable condition. A restocking charge or partial credit may apply depending on the situation and the condition of the material at Craft-Bilt’s discretion. Custom made, cut to length and special order items are not returnable. No credit is issued for scratched or otherwise damaged material caused while in your possession or during it’s return transport.
  5. Billing AdjustmentsAny claims for adjustments on billing must be made within 10 business days of the invoice date.
  6. General InformationIllustrations in our catalog, quotes and other documents or on our web sites may not be to scale or exactly as shown. Any dimensions shown are for general reference only, contact Craft-Bilt if you require exact dimensions of an item. Craft-Bilt is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. All prices, packaging, lengths, dimensions and specifications subject to change without notice.
  7. Limit of LiabilityCraft-Bilt makes no claim for any of it’s products as to their use or fitness for a particular purpose. Under no circumstances, whether as a result of contract, breach of warranty, tort, strict liability or otherwise, will Craft-Bilt be liable for consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages. Craft-Bilt accepts no responsibility for selection or application of materials. Refer to our warranty card for more information. Materials are provided SUPPLY ONLY.