Cleaning for 4-Track Stacking Window

Thank you for choosing Craft-Bilt products for your home.
Under normal use, our 4-track stacking windows will last many years.

We recommend cleaning with a mild soap and water mixture only. Mix one cap of mild dish soap, Woolite® or Murphy® Oil Soap, with 4 litres of water. Use
this solution to clean the frames and the vinyl glazing. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by any other
cleaning agents. Cleaners with strong bases, like deck cleaners and ammonia, can encourage oxidation in
aluminum. Strong acids, bleach or solvents may also harm the finish. Use of anything other than soap and water
could void the warranty.

Do not use power washers to clean 4-track stacking windows.
Do not clean the vinyl glazing on hot days or in direct sunlight. The soap and water mixture will dry on the surface before you have a chance to rinse and dry properly.