All season Sunroom

No matter what the weather has brought this summer , your backyard is likely to feel almost like an extra room to your house. Barbecues, family gatherings, and even just enjoying the cool of the late evening are likely to have featured large in some of life’s simple pleasures over the warmer months.

As the season turns, the beautiful Fall colours of the trees make your backyard a living work of art. However, the unfortunate flip-side is that to continue to enjoy your garden late into the year, you’re likely to be bundled in layers of clothing, and stamping your feet to keep warm. It’s certainly no fun to sit outside in sub-zero temperatures.

An ideal way to bring the outdoors indoors, and to enjoy your backyard all year round, is to invest in a Patio Cover or Sunroom. In addition to being a beautiful “outdoor” room for your home, it will add value and appeal to your property, especially if you take the plunge, and go for the high-end Northlander Skyview Patio Cover or an All Season Sunroom.

Patio Cover Clear Roof

The best thing about a patio cover or sunroom is that you can customize it exactly to what you need – either as an extra room for your home, or – if you don’t have a backyard at all – as a balcony cover. Skyview is constructed from tough, multi-walled polycarbonate panels, the solar-reflective layer guarantees that you are safe from damaging UV rays, whilst letting in maximum light without the usual “oven” effect of cheaper materials. The exclusive 1 1/4” thick Silhouette Pearl panel also guarantees extra insulation, so that your sunroom is never too hot or too cold.

Your covered patio won’t become a bind in terms of upkeep either – the strong aluminum frame is maintenance free, and the polycarbonate sheets carry a 10 year warranty, making the Northlander Skyview Patio Cover a market leader above more fragile and flammable acrylic materials.

The green-thumbed will enjoy the opportunity to keep delicate plants growing healthily all year round. With the regulated climate offered by the solar reflective layer, letting in maximum light all year round, the polycarbonate panels offer a practical alternative to glass – less chance of breakage, lighter, and with minimized glare and heat build-up.

If you’re keen on the idea of extending your “outdoor-indoor” life at home, but unsure how a patio cover or sunroom might work for you, visit the attractive photo galleries at our Sunroom and Patio Cover pages to see how similar homes to your own have been transformed.

It’s always worth going to the market leader when making extensive improvements or alterations to your home. In terms of the attractiveness and versatility of the finished product, and the pleasure that it will give you and your family for years to come, the possibilities are almost endless – let your imagination run riot, and enjoy the beauty of the Fall season from your covered patio.

By Bart Bremmers