Privacy Panel / Balcony Divider

Craft-Bilt’s Aluminum Railing system can be used as Wind Protection, Pool Fencing, Privacy Panels or Balcony Dividers. The system can be manufactured to any height, typically 6 feet high around pools, outdoor patios or privacy walls between neighbouring decks.
Privacy glazing is accomplished in two ways: frosted tempered glass usually around 1/4″ thick, or, 5/8″ thick multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. These are the very same high strength 5/8″ polycarbonate sheets used in our Northlander Skyview roof system. Choose from opaque or bronze colour sheets.

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Polycarbonate Privacy Panel with “Opal Ice” Opaque Glazing

Privacy Panel with black railing

Privacy Panel with Frosted Tempered Glass