Aluminum Deck Railing

An Aluminum Railing With Awesome Strength and Beautiful, Clean Design. Craft-Bilt’s post caps, wall brackets and unique post bracket covers are made from CNC machined or die-cast aluminum… not plastic. Now look closely… all the fasteners and connections are concealed for a truly finished look!

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Topless Glass Railing

No handrail, no bottom rail, a frameless glass railing that lives up to your million dollar view. Craft-Bilt has created an attractive topless glass railing system for those customers who want the look of pure glass.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Aluminum and Glass Railing

What is maintenance free aluminum railing?

The home improvement business was revolutionized by aluminum. Gone were the rusting wrought iron railings and steel windows, gone were the rotting wood storm doors and windows. And gone was flaking paint and repainting.

Painted aluminum railing lasts literally forever with only periodic cleaning. The paint finish, especially dark tones, may fade or “chalk” over time, but the underlying metal will last forever.

Craft-Bilt Aluminum Railing

In the typical home improvement scenario, the aluminum railing will not corrode although contact with some chemicals should be avoided, for instance, direct unprotected contact with concrete or some deck cleaners. Salts will corrode many materials including aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Coastal environments are tough on all materials and many manufacturer warranties exclude these regions.

While vinyl is considered maintenance-free, from day one it is being broken down by photo-degradation. We have all seen old vinyl fences and siding that get brittle and cracks. Unlike vinyl or composites, aluminum will maintain its strength for life.

What kind of glass is used in Craft-Bilt aluminum railing?

Craft-Bilt glass railing only uses tempered glass which we have tested and meets the loads required by the building code.

Black Aluminum Railing with Double Top Rail

Glass Railing with a Frame


Frameless Glass Railing Balcony

Frameless Glass Railing

Customers usually want to enjoy the view so they order clear glass, but we also offer grey and bronze tints, as well as specialty colours.

In buildings over 3 storeys high tempered railing glass can also be used, however in Ontario, if the glass is too close to the edge of the slab other types of glass must be used, like heat soaked tempered glass.

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