Betterliving™ Sunrooms

Betterliving™ sunrooms are the “Cadillac” of the sunroom industry in Canada. Betterliving™ has thicker walls as well as other features that set it apart from the sunroom industry. Betterliving™ sunrooms are available in three season and all season models, with insulated aluminum roofs or translucent solarium roofs. Betterliving™ is sold and installed by a local contractor, it is not available as DIY.

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Grand Vista Sunrooms

Grand Vista sunrooms offer unique features not found in other sunrooms but at a similar price point and wall thickness. While a Grand Vista sunroom is usually purchased for your home, many customers also choose it for their cottage or trailer.

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Luxury Gazebo

You’ve found the gazebo that will stand the test of time… no wood to decay, proper windows that will keep out wind & bugs, and tempered safety glass to keep your loved ones safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Sunrooms

What is the best way to utilize a sunroom?

Sunrooms are used for many great reasons: entertainment, place to relax, room for my pets, TV room, enjoy the outdoors and seasons… the list goes on and on. Finishing touches like beautiful flooring and wicker furniture help create that perfect retreat.

Four Season Sunroom in Snow

What are the advantages of Craft-Bilt’s sunrooms vs. competitors?

There are many technical advantages to Craft-Bilt sunrooms like thicker wall extrusions with intelligent designs.

All of our sunrooms utilize swivel header designs that support the weight of the roof evenly and eliminate unsightly gaps inside the room that competitors don’t address or cover with an ugly angle.

Weatherstripping is important to keep out the wind and bugs, our Grand Vista Sunroom uses ingenious concave tracks to cradle the weatherstripping while our Betterliving™ Sunroom uses mylar reinforced weatherstripping to achieve FMA certification.

There are many other unique features to our rooms that you can find on our website or let us refer you to a local contractor who can describe them to you.

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