Betterliving™ Solariums

Fulfill your dreams of a backyard oasis with your Betterliving™ solarium.


Betterliving™ Solariums… Create an Elegant Retreat Where Old World Ambiance Meets Today’s Lifestyles

Experience the epitome of outdoor living as we proudly present our exquisite range of Betterliving Solariums. These remarkable additions grace the homes of hundreds of families, each one carefully tailored to complement the unique characteristics of the residence it adorns. We understand that your outdoor living space is an extension of your style and a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. We are committed to delivering solariums that meet and exceed your expectations.

With our expertise and craftsmanship, we transform your design preferences into reality. Whether you envision a sun-drenched oasis, a cozy retreat, or an entertainment hub, our team will skillfully incorporate your desired features, materials, and finishes. From the selection of high-quality materials to the precise installation process, we prioritize excellence and attention to detail at every stage.

BetterLiving Solarium Inside View

Elevate your outdoor living experience with Betterliving Solariums. Discover the possibilities, embrace the beauty of nature, and indulge in the comfort and serenity of your custom-designed solarium. Let us transform your outdoor space into a haven that reflects your unique style and provides countless moments of joy and relaxation for years to come.

Betterliving™ Solarium features:

  • Fully-engineered construction – for structural integrity and performance.
  • Highest quality wall and roof systems – Betterliving™ Solariums are beautiful to look at, easy to operate, and maintenance-free.
  • High performance tempered glass – designed to keep your solarium comfortable and safe all year long.
  • A high-tech roof system – effective at reducing heat and glare, our multi-wall polycarbonate sheets have excellent rigidity and structural integrity. Maximum thermal properties are achieved with 1¼” thick multi-wall design. 1¼” thick sealed glass units are also available for some designs.
  • Custom design – to achieve the look that is best suited to your architecture and landscape.Fully integrated sliding windows and doors, our proprietary design. Competitors use replacement windows and doors.
    • Heat or cool for use in most weather conditions.
    • New, state-of-the-art aluminum reinforced vinyl construction.
    • Rugged 4¼” wall thickness for doors and windows.
    • Colour-matched handles.
    • Ball-bearing wheels for long-lasting, easy glide on all windows and doors.
    • Sturdy, security window and door locks.
    • Easy access for wiring and outlets.
    • Full glass views – floor to ceiling glass walls – available in all styles.
  • High-Quality Glass Units for Your Solarium:
    • Tempered glass windows & doors. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than plate glass. (If broken, tempered glass falls into harmless pebble-like pieces.)
    • Insulated glass with Low-E and filled with argon gas. Available in clear or bronze glass
    • Quality controlled seal on insulated units
    • Manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure and glass breakage


Betterliving™ Solarium Models:

The Gable Design Solarium

A-Frame Gable Solarium

Imagine breakfast in the morning sun. Quite modern in appearance, the Gable design is also referred to as an A-Frame sunroom, Cathedral solarium or Gable conservatory. The Gable design is the perfect extension to your home as a joyous family room full of light and beauty. Ideal for a relaxing retreat or for entertaining, your Betterliving™ solarium will be the favourite room of the house.

The Traditional Solarium

BetterLiving Solarium- Single Slope-Translucent Roof-3

Immerse yourself in the allure of our traditional solarium, featuring a single-sloping roof. Also known as a Lean-To or Mediterranean conservatory, this solarium design allows you to connect with the outside while enjoying protection from its extremes.

Discover the beauty of this versatile addition that seamlessly fits practically any home design. It is a sight to behold from the outside, while the interior offers a truly exquisite experience. Picture yourself in this solarium, bathed in the filtered light from our exclusive 1¼” thick roof sheets. Surround yourself with sophisticated yet comfortable furniture, and let the soothing background music enhance your relaxation. Experience the epitome of tranquillity and elegance in your solarium sanctuary.


What Are The Features and Options of Skyview Polycarbonate Glazing?

Glass Roof

  • Our unique 1¼” thick sheet with multi-layer construction provides the most insulation available. This amazing product filters out heat but lets in pleasing amounts of light.
1¼ Inch Thick Polycarbonate Sheet
  • These sheets block harmful UV rays and resist weathering while transmitting diffused natural sunlight.
  • Continuous spans up to 14′ means that there are no purlins (cross members). Solariums with glass usually limit the glass panels to approximately 4′ lengths for structural and breakage reasons, but that results in several purlins which are points where leakage can occur.
  • 10-year polycarbonate warranty, non-prorated covering: discoloration, loss of light transmission, and loss of strength due to hail damage (up to ¾” size hail).
  • Practical alternative to glass – weighs less and the diffused light reduces heat build-up and glare.
  • High strength ribbed design.

A Proper Structural Design

Solarium Beam Close Up

Polycarbonate Light Transmittance and Insulation Values




Light Transmittance

Shading Coefficient

U-Factor W/m2K


3 wall

16mm (⅝”)





3 wall

16mm (⅝”)




Opal Ice

3 wall

16mm (⅝”)




Opal Ice

11 wall *

32mm (1¼”)




The shading coefficient is the ratio showing the amount of solar heat is transmitted through the glazing. The lower the number, the less heat build up you will have in your sunroom.

U-Factor (or U-Value) is the rate of heat transfer from warm to cold areas in watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m2K). Lower numbers mean better insulation.

Typical insulated glass values:

  • single glazed glass, 5.91
  • double glazed with 13mm (½”) air space, 2.73
  • double glazed with 13mm (½”) air space & low e, 1.70
  • double glazed with 13mm (½”) air space, low e & argon, 1.36