Betterliving™ All Season Sunrooms

Enjoy all four seasons in your insulated sunroom.


Betterliving™ All-Season Sunrooms

4-Season Sunrooms - Betterliving

What better way to extend your home’s living space than with a custom-built All-Season Betterliving™ Sunroom?

Walls of glass bring gracious living to any home, transforming an empty patio, deck or porch into an inviting retreat basking in the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Betterliving™ Sunrooms offer all-season enjoyment with insulated glass and thermal construction.

  • 50-year limited warranty!
  • Heat or cool for use in most weather conditions.
  • New, state-of-the-art reinforced vinyl construction.
  • Rugged 4¼” wall thickness for doors and windows.
  • Argon-filled, Low-E, double-pane, insulated, tempered glass standard on all sunroom sliding windows and doors.
  • Colour-matched heavy-duty handles.
  • UL classified electrical raceways, easy access for wiring and outlets.
  • Sliding doors and windows are ENERGY STAR® compliant in most areas.
  • White or Desert Sand finish.

The Betterliving™ All Season sunroom distinguishes itself from other solariums and sunrooms in so many ways…

Thicker Sunroom Walls

Many four-season sunroom wall systems are only 3 inches thick. Betterliving™ All Season Sunroom walls are 4¼” thick, providing more stability and strength.

Patio Doors

The standard in the sunroom industry is to use outsourced patio doors that are not flush with the rest of the wall. They are thicker than the wall, which makes them unsightly. We make our own patio doors, making them the same thickness as the wall. The door and window colours will match because they are all from one source, and your Betterliving™ sunroom doors will perfectly blend in with the wall system.

Continuous Floor Channel

Betterliving Sunroom Floor ChannelBecause we make our own doors, you get a wall system that looks truly integrated. In other sunrooms, the drainage channel (floor channel) that runs under the wall system has to stop at their out-sourced door, permitting an easy place for leaks. Since we make our own doors, we can implement a continuous floor channel around the sunroom. A continuous floor channel means no leaks and dry socks. Competitors drill round drain holes in their flat bottom floor channels. Round weep holes can clog easily and stop weeping due to surface tension, while the flat bottom does not promote drainage. Betterliving™ floor channels are sloped, so any moisture is directed to the weep holes, and our weep holes are pre-punched in an elongated shape, ensuring proper drainage. Our weep holes are also hidden thanks to the special notch design of the Btterliving™ floor channel.

Heavy-Duty Swivel Header

Betterliving Sunroom Variable Pitch HeaderNo manufacturer can match the strength and flexibility of the Betterliving™ header. Its hinge design adapts to the roof slope, providing even weight distribution and an aesthetic appearance. Many manufacturers use a 90-degree channel on the top of the wall, forcing all of the roof’s weight on the outside edge, with a gap on the inside of the sunroom that is covered by an unattractive trim. The Betterliving™ header’s height gives it unparalleled strength to support large snow loads over wide window openings.

Tempered Glass Windows and Doors

Betterliving Windows Use Tempered GlassYour Betterliving™ sunroom includes corner-to-corner side sliding windows with tempered safety glass standard, an option in other sunrooms. Our tempered glass is the same as you would find in the side and rear windows of your car… in case of an accident, the glass breaks into small harmless pieces. A sunroom is mostly glass… if you were going to wrap your family in glass, which would you prefer: tempered glass or regular glass?

Adjustable Ball Bearing Rollers

Betterliving 4 Season Sunroom Window RollerSome sunroom windows use plastic glides; others use cheap plastic wheels. One thing is for sure; they are not adjustable. Betterliving™ windows feature a heavy-duty adjustable ball-bearing roller with corrosion-resistant plating. Our patio doors use tandem rollers for maximum durability.

Aluminum Screens

Fiberglass screens are typically found on your home and most sunroom windows. The sash (the aluminum frame attached to the screen) is made from light-duty roll-formed metal. If you are a homeowner, you have had a bad experience with at least one window screen. Betterliving™ screens are made with an extruded sash much larger and heavier than a roll-formed sash. Betterliving™ screens use aluminum screen mesh which lasts longer and won’t tear like fiberglass.

Clean Integrated Sunroom Design With Integrated Wiring

Betterliving Sunroom Electrical MullionYou Betterliving™ all season sunroom was designed from scratch to look the best. The window and door sections join together with a heavy-duty mullion that includes a built-in electrical raceway. You can have receptacles and wall switches that look just like the ones in your home. Other conservatories, solariums, or sunrooms may only offer receptacles on the floor, visible wire chases, and surface-mounted boxes.


A Betterliving™ All Season Sunroom truly distinguishes your home in the neighbourhood, making it much more desirable to future owners. Buy confidently, knowing your patio enclosure is covered by our 50-year limited warranty!



Betterliving All Season Sunroom Specifications:


The entire visual appearance of your Betterliving™ All Season sunroom is smooth, durable, colour matched PVC vinyl. All of the vinyl shapes are reinforced with hidden aluminum structural members.


Contact us for sunroom warranty details.


Basic patio doors and windows have bypass sliders, the meeting rails are close together and sealed with weatherstripping. The interlocking rails of the Betterliving™ door and window sliders means that they are physically joined together, in addition to the weatherstripping, meaning your windows and doors are secure, air, water and bug tight.


Betterliving Windows Use Tempered Glass

Tempered safety glass with low E and argon standard in ALL
units including kneewalls and transoms!


Built right into the tracks of the window and door mainframes is a high quality, wind tested weatherstripping. It won’t rot or crack – retaining its pliability and flexibility.


Your Betterliving™ All Season sunroom was designed from scratch to conceal all of the wall fasteners. This is a beautiful feature not found on many other conservatories, solariums or sunrooms.

Shows 4 Season sunrooms parts

Insulated Sunroom Roof


PanelCraft™ roof panels by Craft-Bilt are comprised of aluminum skins bonded to a stabilizing core. This makes for roof panels with an extremely high strength to weight ratio. In addition to the baked-on paint finish, PanelCraft™ panels are the only panels in Canada with an additional clear coat, our Krystal Kote® finish.

Visit our Skyview page to learn about translucent roof options.

Insulated sunroom Electrical Wall section


All doors and windows in our Betterliving™ All Season sunroom are joined with our heavy duty triple-hollow electrical mullion. It has unsurpassed engineered for roof support and wall strength. The hidden electrical raceway provides easy wiring and flush-mounted outlets and switches just like your home!

Insulated Sunroom Header Arm and Support


Our variable pitch header incredibly strong. It is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the roof over wide window and door openings, conceal electrical wiring, hide fasteners and provide a clean finished appearance.

Insulated Sunroom Corner Post


The corner posts of your Betterliving™ All Season sunroom are 4¼” square, larger than most. They have incredible weight capacity and a built in wiring cavity.

BL 4 Season Sunroom Door Window Sill


The window and door rollers ride on monorail rib in the sill track. Instead of allowing the rollers to ride directly on the vinyl, we snap a stainless steel cover over top, for years and years of smooth trouble free opening and closing.

Floor Channel for 4 season Insulated Sunroom


The Betterliving™ All Season floor channel has snap on covers the hide the fasteners. It’s built-in slope, and pre-punched, elongated hidden weep holes ensure a leak proof sunroom and dry socks.

Insulated 4 Season Sunroom Electrical Roof Track


Not only does your all season sunroom have hidden wiring in the walls, your ceiling fan or light fixtures can be supplied with power via our roof panel connector with hidden electrical raceway.

Tandem Wheels for insulated Sunroom Doors and Windows


Doors are equipped with tandem rollers for years of trouble free, easy sliding. The rollers are ball bearing design, cadmium plated and fully adjustable.

Screen Wheels for 4 season Sunroom


The windows and screens in your Betterliving™ All Season sunroom feature adjustable, self lubricating, ball bearing rollers for years of trouble free operation.

Screen Door Handle


The screen handles on doors and windows are colour matched in white or desert sand. Child safety locks provide added protection.

Window and Door Handle for Sunroom


Strong, attractive window and door handles are colour matched to your white or sand sunroom.

Wall Hanger for Insulated Sunroom


The roof system is connected to your house with our 2-piece hinge PANEL HANGER/WALL HANGER system. This allows for expansion and a watertight seal. Adjustable up to 5/12 roof pitch.

All Season Sunroom Walls and Doors:

  • Fully integrated sliding windows and doors, proprietary design. Competitors use replacement windows.
  • Heat or cool for use in most weather conditions.
  • New, state-of-the-art reinforced vinyl construction.
  • Rugged 4¼” wall thickness for doors and windows.
  • Colour-matched handles, brass available.
  • Ball-bearing wheels for long-lasting, easy glide on all windows and doors.
  • Sturdy, security window and door locks.
  • Easy access for wiring and outlets.
  • Full glass views – floor to ceiling glass walls – available in all styles.

High-Quality Glass Units for Your Sunroom:

  • Tempered glass windows & doors. Tempered glass is about four times stronger than plate glass. (If broken, tempered glass falls into harmless pebble-like pieces.)
  • Insulated Low-E, argon-filled. Available in clear or bronze glass
  • Quality controlled seal on insulated units
  • Manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure and glass breakage

Fully Engineered Roof Panels for Your Sunroom:

  • Our PanelCraft™ roof panels are tested using ASTM E72-98 procedures by an independent testing laboratory.
  • PanelCraft™ insulated panels are constructed with a high-density polystyrene core bonded to maintenance-free aluminum “skins”. Core thickness is available in 3”, 4½”, and 6” to meet your insulation and structural requirements.
  • Higher-strength panels are available. Honeycomb shaped core impregnated with Phenolic resin. An excellent alternative for building departments that take issue with foam core panels.
  • Fixed and operating skylights available.
  • Our Northlander™ Skyview transparent roof system with our exclusive Silhouette Pearl reflective glazing is an excellent choice for your sunroom, letting in pleasing amounts of light without the heat.
  • Traditional shingled roofing is also available.

Contact us for more information, to receive newsletters or find a local contractor.

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Betterliving™ All Season Sunroom Colour Options:

White and Sand

Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom Colours

Woodhaven Ceiling Plank Option:

Sunroom Wood Trim for the Ceiling

Now you can have your sunroom with the warmth of wood! An ideal option for homeowners who were considering a conventional addition. Use Woodhaven and our shingled roof option to achieve the look of addition with the view of a sunroom.

BambooClassic WhiteRustic PineBead BoardNatural Cherry
WalnutCherry SpicePainted WhiteWeatheredWhite Wash


Frequently Asked Questions for Sunrooms:

What is a sunroom?

A sunroom is a pre-fabricated wall and roof system added to your home to provide added enjoyment of the outdoors and extra living space. They are made of maintenance-free materials, predominantly aluminum but also vinyl and fiberglass. The wall sections are typically custom made, no greater than five feet in width. Each section contains a side sliding window, beneath the window is the “kneewall” which is built with a solid panel or tempered glass. If the extra height is desired, “transom glass” is added to the tops of the windows and doors

Sunrooms come in two types: three-season (single glazed windows) and all-season (insulated wall and windows). Typically the roof is made with insulated aluminum panels that come in varying thicknesses. Thicker panels have more insulation and can span farther. Sunrooms have typically differed from solariums because they don’t use glass in the roof. This line has blurred in recent years with the introduction of polycarbonate roof systems for sunrooms. Solarium walls typically have a great deal of fixed glass with the occasional casement window while sunroom walls will typically consist of corner-to-corner side sliding windows.

What is the best way to utilize a sunroom?

Sunrooms are used for many great reasons: entertainment, place to relax, room for my pets, TV room, enjoy the outdoors and seasons… the list goes on and on. Finishing touches like beautiful flooring and wicker furniture help create that perfect retreat.

What are the advantages of Craft-Bilt’s sunrooms vs. competitors?

There are many technical advantages to Craft-Bilt products like thicker wall extrusions with intelligent designs. All of our sunrooms utilize swivel header designs that support the weight of the roof evenly and eliminate unsightly gaps inside the room that competitors don’t address or cover with an ugly angle. Weatherstripping is important to keep out the wind and bugs, our Grand Vista system uses ingenious concave tracks to cradle the weatherstripping while our Betterliving™ system uses mylar reinforced weatherstripping to achieve FMA certification. There are many other unique features to our rooms that you can find on our web site or let us refer you to a local contractor who can describe them to you.

How much does a sunroom addition cost?

There are many variables: Is a new deck required? Would you like a three-season or all-season sunroom? Is there an obstruction, for instance, a water spigot, that needs to be moved? Installed 12 x 12  all-season sunrooms start at around $35,000. This number is hypothetical and may not consider the footings, the deck, permit costs, or other items.

What is the return on my sunroom investment?

There have been many studies and opinions published in renovation magazines about the value of major renovations like kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms. Check out resources like Remodeller magazine and search for their Cost vs. Value report. Sunrooms are often in the top ten for return on investment, recouping at least 50% of your investment. There are factors that can affect your return on investment, like where you live.

But the real return on investment is the improvement in your lifestyle. Your sunroom will quickly become the favourite room in the house, your very own private retreat. You can’t put a price on peace and tranquillity.

How long does it take to install a custom sunroom?

The actual installation can take as little as two days for a three-season patio room or 3 days for an all-season sunroom. Additional time will be required if you are building an A-frame style sunroom, a new deck is required, a service (i.e. gas meter, water spigot, bathroom fan, etc.) needs to be moved, or there is some other complexity to the project.

Often there can be delays obtaining the building permit or zoning approval. Your contractor will not order material until the permit is issued after which you have to contend with the backlog at the factory. So if you are planning to build a sunroom and hope to enjoy it for the summer, get started early!

Can I use my existing deck for the sunroom?

If your deck was built to building code specifications, there is a good chance it will suffice. Open decks are built with a slope away from the building, so even if it is code compliant it will need to be leveled. Deck blocks will not do. Your deck needs footings, typically concrete piers deep enough into the ground to not be lifted when the ground freezes. In southern Ontario, that is usually four feet, in colder climates, it will be deeper. Imagine the damage to the sunroom or even your house when an un-footed deck heaves upwards in freezing temperatures.

Do I need a building permit for my sunroom?

Yes. Often your contractor will include the drawings and filing for the permit as part of their price to you. Contractors do not get enough credit for the time and effort it can take in getting a permit.

Can I install it myself or do I need a contractor?

A homeowner with a high level of DIY skill can tackle our Grand Vista pre-fabricated sunroom. Craft-Bilt’s warranty is for properly installed products and does not include installation-related issues. Please fill out our contact form and we will reply with the product information you require as well as the name of a local contractor if desired.