Contempo™ Aluminum Awnings

Sturdy and permanent metal awnings. Accent your home while controlling the sun’s harsh rays. New decorator colours available!


Your porch is not complete until you add the Contempo™ Aluminum Awning and Craft-Bilt Railing.

The sun is warm and beautiful but it’s murder on your furnishings. And what about the glare off the TV? Help shade your bedroom windows while providing an architectural accent to an otherwise flat wall.

A permanent metal awning lets more of the sun in when you need it most, in the Winter, and less sun in during the Summer, when you don’t!

New colours, like Sierra Clay and Wicker earth tones, or the contemporary Maroon and Wedgewood Blue, make Contempo™  Aluminum Awnings the right choice for your modern home.


Raven Black Autumn Brown Heron Blue Sierra Clay Canyon Red Colonial White
Fern Green Grey Hunter Green Hunter Red Imperial Brown Ivy Green
Maroon Mocha Tan Terra Cotta Vivid Cream Wedgewood Blue Polar White
Wicker Jonquil Yellow Antique Ivory