Grand Vista Sunrooms with 4 Track Stacking Windows

The benefits of a three season sunroom with the ventilation of a screen room, 4 Track windows have nearly 75 percent ventilation!


Grand Vista Three Season Sunrooms with 4 Track Windows

Grand Vista sunrooms with 4 track stacking windows give you the feel of a screen room with the convenience of a 3 season sunroom. When fully open the vertical 4 track system allows for nearly 75% of screen area!

You can slide the four panels all the way to the top, the bottom or anywhere in between. The secret is the heavy-duty vinyl film glazing which is much lighter than glass. This allows the spring-loaded panels to stay wherever you leave them.

You can also install 4 Track Windows by Craft-Bilt in your own wood or metal framework. They are a great solution for upgrading your existing screen room to a three-season room. Visit our 4 Track Window page.

Kneewalls, transoms, gables, and doors can all be specified with matching vinyl film or you can mix and match with glass in any of these areas.

Heavy Gauge Construction

Four Track Window Close UpOur Grand Vista sunrooms feature heavy construction not found in other sunrooms. Stacking windows feature maintenance-free aluminum and vinyl construction. High quality molded corner keys assure years of smooth, trouble-free operation.




Unique Vinyl Glazing Withstands Impacts

Fist Pushing Vinyl Film to Show it's Toughness

You can jamb your fist right into our heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl glazing with no ill effect. The space-age vinyl returns right back to its original position within minutes! Your safety is assured from flying objects like golf balls or children’s toys. Vinyl glazing reduces glare, solar heat gain and protects your furnishings from fading due to UV.


Grand Vista Sunrooms with 4 Track Stacking Windows Applications

Grand Vista Sunrooms with 4 Track Stacking Windows are very versatile. Here are some sunroom applications:

  • A-Frame Sunroom (cathedral ceiling)
  • Studio Sunroom (“lean-to” or “shed” roof design)
  • Under Existing (close in a porch or patio that already has an existing roof)
  • Front Porch Enclosure
  • Balcony Enclosure
  • RV and Park Model Enclosures in Trailer Parks
  • Enclosure For Hot Tub
  • Convert your open gazebo to an enclosed space

Gazebo With 4 Track Windows    Stacking Windows in Sunroom    Stacking Vinyl Windows for Porch    4 Track Stacking Windows


Grand Vista Sunroom with 4 Track Stacking Windows Specifications

Grand Vista 3 season sunrooms with 4 track vinyl windows are available in several colours:

White, Sand, Earthstone and Black *

Colour Chips

4 Track Stacking Window Vinyl Tint Options

Our heavy duty PVC vinyl film is available in four tints: Clear, Smoke Grey, Bronze and Dark Grey

Stacking Windows Vinyl Colours

Grand Vista 3 Season Sunrooms with 4 Track Stacking Windows Specifications

  • Sunroom and window framing made from sturdy, maintenance free extruded aluminum
  • Frame colours: White, Sand, Earthstone and Black *
  • Window glazing: Super strong 10 mil PVC vinyl film 10 mil (.01″) thick
  • Vinyl film colours: Clear, Bronze, Smokey Grey, and Dark Grey
  • Windows have nearly to 75% ventilation
  • Windows have full height fiberglass screen so the panels can be stored in any position
  • Sunroom wall sections 60″ maximum width
  • Kneewalls with tempered glass, solid panel or vinyl film
  • Transoms in glass or vinyl film
  • Swing doors and patio doors with tempered glass or vinyl film

Unique Sunroom Wall Construction

Adjustable Pitch for Roof:
Grand Vista sunrooms feature our unique swivel header design. Compared to the industry standard of a simple square channel sitting atop of your walls, our Grand Vista header means:

  • The inside of your sunroom has a clean curved look. (The industry standard of square channel results in an unsightly gap)
  • The roof panels are properly supported no matter what the pitch. (The industry standard has all the weight of the panels and snow bearing on the outside edge of a square channel
  • Our Swivel Header results in a “double hollow” effect. Two hollow chambers provide great rigidity so that even when your roof is loaded with snow, the windows will operate properly.
  • Full glass views (floor to ceiling glass walls) available in all styles.


Water Control System:
The Floor Channel of your Grand Vista sunroom is designed with a slope so that moisture runs to the outside. Attractive weep hole covers exceed the industry standard of simple site-drilled or site-punched weep holes.



* May not be available in all configurations


Frequently Asked Questions for 4 Track Sunrooms:

What is a 4 track sunroom?

A sunroom is a pre-fabricated wall and roof system added to your home to provide added enjoyment of the outdoors and extra living space. They are made of maintenance-free materials, typically aluminum framing and glass windows. However 4 track sunrooms feature a unique vinyl film glazing.

The wall sections are typically custom made, usually no greater than five feet in width, so the sunroom will fit your deck exactly. Some manufacturers offer standard width sections with “filler” panels in the corners of the sunroom. This is convenient for the sunroom manufacturer and the installer but does not have that “custom” look.

Enclosures with 4 track stacking windows belong to the three season family of sunrooms, but because of the four tack design they also offer the benefits of a screen room. When all four panels are stacked behind each other, the window has nearly seventy five percent screen area.

What type of roof comes with a 4 track sunroom?

Typically the roof is made with insulated aluminum panels that come in varying thickness. Thicker panels have more insulation and can span farther. Translucent roofs featuring multi-wall plastic sheets are also very nice, filtering light into the sunroom without the heat or weight of glass roofs.

Can I remove all the vinyl panes for 100 percent ventilation?

Yes! Not only do the panes come out for easy cleaning, but you can leave them out if you want the feeling of a screen room for a period of days or weeks. But don’t forget… eventually it will rain and you do not want any water to get on the flooring of your sunroom.

Why do 4 track window panes use vinyl film?

The secret of the four track stacking window is the heavy duty vinyl film glazing which is much lighter
than glass. This allows the spring loaded panels to stay wherever you leave them.

The added benefit of the vinyl film is safety (no risk of broken glass) and UV protection for your furnishings.

How much does a sunroom addition cost?

There are a lot of variables: Is a new deck required? Would you like a three-season or all-season? Is there an obstruction, for instance, a water spigot, that needs to be moved? An installed 12 x 12 three-season sunroom will start around $25,000. These numbers are hypothetical and may not consider the footings, the deck, permit costs or other items.

How do I clean 4 track window panes?

Clean your four track window panes with soap and water. Woolite cleaner is often mentioned by vinyl film window manufacturers. Do not use any harsh or chemical based cleaners, ask for and follow the Craft-Bilt 4 Track Stacking Window installation and maintenance document. Do not clean the window panes in direct sunlight to avoid having the soap and water mixture dry up on the panes.

What is the return on my sunroom investment?

There have been many studies and opinions published in renovation magazines about the value of major renovations like kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms. Check out resources like Remodeller magazine and search for their Cost vs. Value report. Sunrooms are often in the top ten for return on investment, recouping at least 50% of your investment. There are factors that can affect your return on investment, like where you live.

But the real return on investment is the improvement in your lifestyle. Your sunroom will quickly become the favourite room in the house, your very own private retreat. You can’t put a price on peace and tranquility.

How long does it take to install a custom sunroom?

The actual installation can take as little as two days for a three season patio room or 3 days for an all-season sunroom. Additional time will be required if you are building an A-frame style sunroom, a new deck is required, a service (i.e. gas meter, water spigot, bathroom fan, etc.) needs to be moved, or there is some other complexity to the project.

The timeline from a signed contract to installed sunroom will be subject to these estimates:

– Professional permit drawings and/or engineers review of certain details
– City review of building permit application
– Building permit complications (city requested changes or clarification, zoning, etc.)
– Sunroom ordered from factory (varies with manufacturer and seasonal volume)
– Contractor will schedule work when the sunroom is ordered but their backlog could be longer than the factory.
– Installation of three season sunroom
1 -2 weeks
2 weeks
4 – 6 weeks
1 week

So if you are planning to build a sunroom and hope to enjoy it for the summer, get started early!

Can I use my existing deck for my sunroom?

If your deck was built to building code specifications, there is a good chance it will suffice, especially if a building permit was used. Open decks are built with a slope away from the building, so even if it is code compliant it will need to be leveled. Deck blocks will not do. Your deck needs footings, typically concrete piers deep enough into the ground so they will not be lifted when the ground freezes. In southern Ontario, that is usually four feet, in colder climates, it will be deeper. Imagine the damage when an un-footed sunroom is shifted upwards in freezing temperatures.

Do I need a building permit for my sunroom?

Yes. Often your contractor will include the drawings and permit application as part of their price to you. Contractors do not get enough credit for the time and effort it can take in obtaining a permit.

Can I install it myself or do I need a contractor?

A homeowner with a high level of construction skill can tackle our Grand Vista pre-fabricated sunroom. Craft-Bilt’s warranty is for properly installed products and does not include installation related issues. Please fill out our contact form and we will reply with the product information you require as well as the name of a local contractor if desired.