Porch Enclosures

Craft-Bilt’s Porch Enclosures provide a nice buffer zone between the nasty winter weather and your foyer.


Porch Enclosures

Close in your porch and create a nice buffer zone between the nasty winter weather and your foyer. We make aluminum and glass wall systems to suit every need.
Grand Vista Porch Enclosures feature our exclusive wall design that is optimized for appearance. Look closely, there are no window frames cluttering the look of your enclosure, they’re built right into the wall! Other systems use after-market windows for that “storm window” look.

Benefits of a Porch Enclosure:

  • Protection from mud, salt and dirt from getting in your home
  • Eliminate noise from the street
  • Provides security
  • Buffer zone reducing heat and cooling loss from your home
  • Adding space for your belongings such as shoes, coats, plants and rain gear
  • Adds curb appeal

Porch Enclosure Grand Vista with Glass Roof       Grand Vista Porch Enclosure Studio Style       Porch Enclosure Grand Vista with Glass Roof Outview       

Porch Enclosure Specifications

Grand Vista Porch Enclosure Features:

The inside of your porch enclosure has a clean curved look. (The industry standard of square channel results in an unsightly gap).

Adjustable Pitch for Roof:
Grand Vista sunrooms feature our unique swivel header design. Compared to the industry standard of a simple square channel sitting atop of your walls, our Grand Vista header means:

  • The inside of your sunroom has a clean curved look. (The industry standard of square channel results in an unsightly gap)
  • The roof panels are properly supported no matter what the pitch. (The industry standard has all the weight of the panels and snow bearing on the outside edge of a square channel
  • Our Swivel Header results in a “double hollow” effect. Two hollow chambers provide great rigidity so that even when your roof is loaded with snow, the windows will operate properly.
  • Full glass views (floor to ceiling glass walls) available in all styles.




Sloped Track with Weep HolesWater Control System:
The Floor Channel of your Grand Vista Porch Enclosure is designed with a slope so that moisture runs to the outside. Attractive weep hole covers exceed the industry standard of simple site-drilled or site-punched weep holes.




Window RollersEasy to Operate:
The Grand Vista windows glide on nylon rollers. Other windows in the industry use plastic blocks.





Window Sill DesignWeather Control / Strength:

  • Look closely, the weatherstripping is “cradled” in concave shaped guides, resulting in a better seal and smoother operation.
  • Note the hollow chamber. “Hollows” cost more to produce, but provide superior strength. Grand Vista Header & Sill extrusions are both “hollows”. The industry standard is a less expensive non-hollow shape.
  • The sloped Sill of the Grand Vista Porch Enclosure window means your room is dry and there is no standing water in the tracks.
  • The screw ports that hold the Grand Vista walls sections together were designed for #10 gauge fasteners. This provides greater strength compared to the industry standard of #8 gauge.



Attractive weep hole covers.





Available Colours in Three-Season:

White, Sand, EarthStone

4 Track Window Colours