Betterliving™ Retractable Shades For Outdoor Restaurant Patio

Retractable Fabric Canopies are a unique alternative to the traditional patio umbrellas or patio covers for your restaurant or cafe!


Retractable Shades for Restaurant Patios

Shade Options for Patio

Retractable Canopies are versatile shading structures that retract effortlessly using our pull cord system. Motorized canopies are also available. We have a host of very durable fabric choices to match your restaurant or cafe decor and create a comfortable outdoor space for your customers! These unique structures can be installed free-standing or mounted to the wall of your restaurant or cafe. They can also be mounted under your existing pergola.

Ideal to cover verandas, terraces, and rooftop patios – retractable canopies can provide shade around your patio and keep your customers cool under the hot sun or dry during a light rain.

Many commercial applications! Perfect shelter for outdoor cafes and sidewalk seating. Units can be joined to cover larger spaces. Solar shades can be added for protection from bright sun or for privacy.

Canopies can be custom sized and mounted directly to the rafters of any size pergola to provide added comfort!

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    Retractable Canopy Applications

    • Restaurant patio
    • Sidewalk cafe
    • Board walk cover
    • Commercial patio spaces: hotel, nursing home etc
    • Condo balconies and rooftops
    • Swim spa cover
    • Entertainment areas

    Free Standing Canopy

    • Custom sized
    • Maintenance-free aluminum framing
    • Heavy duty construction with corner bracing
    • Industry leading warranty
    • Optional pergola rafters
    • Side curtains available for protection from the sun or privacy
    • Built-in slope for rain drainage

    Retractable Shade for Restaurant Patio



    Wall Mounted

    • Custom sized
    • Maintenance-free aluminum framing
    • Heavy duty construction with corner bracing
    • Industry leading warranty
    • Front curtains available for protection from the sun or privacy
    • Built-in slope for rain drainage

    Canopy For Cafe Outdoor Patio



    Pergola Canopy (Canopy shade under existing pergolas)

    • Side curtains available to attach directly to the pergola structure where applicable
    • Maintenance-free aluminum framing
    • Industry leading warranty
    • Built-in slope for rain drainage
    • Custom sized to fit the pergola

    Shade Options for Patio


    Betterliving™ Retractable Canopies are easy to install on any commercial property.


    Retractable Canopy Specs

    • Northport acrylic awning fabric: water resistant, industry leading warranty, hundreds of colours, fabrics or patterns.
    • Double layer fabric option with vinyl upper fabric.
    • Retractable side curtains with various weaves to achieve desired level of sun protection or privacy. Motorized and manual options.
    • Aluminum Frame Colours: White and Earthstone.  Special order frame colours: Sandstone, Desert Sand and Quaker Bronze.
    • Standard height: 8’6”, other heights available.
    • Heavy duty 3 inch X 3 inch aluminum framing members.
    • Manual or motorized operation.
    Canopy Fabric Specs

    Wall Mounted Canopy

    Canopy Fabrics

    Betterliving™ canopies by Craft-Bilt have a huge selection of durable fabrics to choose from. Please visit our Awning and Canopy Fabric page to view available fabric colours & patterns.

    Attention to detail and not cutting corners is what sets our Northport fabric apart from the competition:

    • Ultrasonically cut fabric – the fabric is actually cut with sound, which makes for a perfect factory edge and the threads are automatically welded so they don’t fray.
    • Symmetrical sewing – we sew full width panels to the inside, and split the narrow panels to the outside, resulting in matched patterns and the best appearance.
    • 100% solution-dyed acrylic (the best raw material and dyeing process known) based on Leacril Outdoor HM ECO fiber. Water impermeability of 1500mm where as other fabrics can have water impermeability  as low as 200mm – 300mm.
    • Gore™ Tenara® thread – a long lasting thread that does NOT deteriorate from exposure to the elements and lasts the life of the fabric – no worries about seams coming loose for the life of the fabric.
    • Double lock-stitched, uber strong seams.
    • Northport is treated with genuine Dupont® Teflon® to protect and extend the life of the fabric.