Vista Screen Rooms

Enjoy the outdoors with Craft-Bilt’s screen rooms which have great features and flexibility. Mosquitoes, flies and wasps are not welcome in our screen rooms.


Vista Screen Rooms

VISTA Screen Rooms are custom-made to your specifications. All components are precut and sent to the dealer KD (knockdown). The wall sections are assembled on site, and then they snap together.

Vista Screen Rooms are available in two styles: 18-inch high kickplate and the balance in black fiberglass screen style, and full height screen with a cross rail approximately 18″ from the base style.

Regardless of the style you choose, Vista Screen Rooms are comprised of custom wall sections not exceeding four feet in width. Options include:

  • Storm or patio doors with screen (no glass)
  • Four standard colours – white, earthstone, sand, and black
  • Kneewall of solid aluminum kickplate or screen
  • For walls over seven feet high, transoms of kickplate or screen

If you choose the style with kickplate & screen, you can, at any time, easily and economically upgrade to a three-season room by ordering the Vista Sunroom Window.

For the roof of your screen room, choose from Craft-Bilt’s economical PanelCraft™ Aluminum Sandwich panels with insulated polystyrene core or our Northlander™ Skyview polycarbonate roof system. The roof typically overhangs 6″ – 12″ on the front and side walls. Check out the gallery above to see all the possible screen wall and roof combinations.

If you have space on your Patio, you can extend the roof to one side, thereby beautifully and seamlessly blending a patio cover with your screen room.


A Variety of Options with your Screen Room:

  • Aluminum or screened knee-wall
  • Insulated patio covers and polycarbonate patio covers
  • Custom size wall sections up to four feet wide
  • Storm and patio-style screened doors
  • White, Sand, EarthStone, and Black frame colours
  • Aluminum or Screened transoms for extra height
  • Vista Windows can be added at a later date if your plans change

Please visit our showroom or fill out the contact us form to receive information about screen and sunroom contractors in your area.

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Vista screen rooms are available in 4 Colours: White, Sand, Earthstone and Black

Stacking Windows Colours