Safety Shield to Protect Cashiers and Customers

How can you serve the public while still practicing social distancing?

Sneeze Guard

Safety Shield to Protect Employees and Customers

Retail stores throughout Canada are putting up shields to protect employees and customers from possibly infecting each other.

Craft-Bilt’s clear vinyl film is one of the answers and it is an alternative to plexiglass and acrylic sneeze guards. The clear vinyl film with an aluminum frame is light,  super strong, easy to install, economical, and most importantly is safe.

Sneeze Guard with a Frame

Complete sneeze barrier wall sections. Custom sizes are available

Covid-Sneeze Guards

Easy to install

You can jamb your fist right into our heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl glazing with no ill effect. The space-age vinyl springs right back to its original position! Your safety is assured.

Super Strong Vinyl Film for Covid-19 Sneeze Guard

Sneeze Guard – Super Strong Vinyl Film

There are two safety shield systems:

  • ½” thick frame: can be drilled for fastening to the face of your counter, or hanging from the ceiling, or many other scenarios
Black Colour-Sneeze Guard

4 Standard section sizes: 12″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″, 36″ x 24″, 12″ x 16″ (for transaction opening)

Sneeze Guard with White Framee

  • 1¾” thick frames: stronger, suitable for floor mounting or mounts to counter with screws or 2 sided tape. $20 per square foot. Includes piano hinge to join sections, 2-sided tape, and angle brackets (if necessary) (shipping and tax are excluded).
    Some assembly is required.

Sneeae Guard with Heavy Frame

We can manufacture any custom size sneeze guard with a choice of 4 different frame colour options. Please visit the “Specifications” tab for information. We can ship the sneeze guards across Canada.

If you are inquiring about shields to protect employees and customers, let us know, we can help.

Contact Craft-Bilt at (800) 668-6430 ext 22. Have photos of your checkouts and dimensions. We’ll be able to price your sneeze guards on the phone. Email photos to


Covid-19  Sneeze Guard


  • Window framing made from sturdy, maintenance-free extruded aluminium
  • Frame colours: White, Sand, Earthstone and Black
  • Window glazing: Super strong 10 mil Vinyl
  • Vinyl colours: Clear, Bronze, Smoke Grey and Dark Grey

Easy Installation:

Sneeze Guard - Alternative to Acrylic or Plexiglass

The shield can be ordered as assembled 3′ x 3′ square frame and drilled for fastening to the face of your counter.

Virus Protection-2

Our sneeze guards are custom made. Provide us with your measurements, we can manufacture it for you.


Virus Protection-1

Here we have one of our COVID screen systems just mocked up. Now it will be broken down and shipped to the customer.

Contact us now!

Frame Colour Options:

White, Sand, Earthstone and Black

Colour Chips

Vinyl Tint Options:

Stacking Windows Vinyl Colours

Colours are approximate. If you choose your colour from this page or from a PDF, please be prepared that the actual colour you receive may be slightly different. Selecting your colour from an actual sample is advised.


FAQ about Craft-Bilt’s Sneeze Guard

How do you clean the super-strong vinyl film?

Do not use chemicals or harsh cleaners to clean the vinyl film. Mild soap and water are recommended. For further care instructions, feel free to contact us.

How long does the vinyl film last?

The industry-standard warranty on vinyl film is 10 years. However, we have had stories of the vinyl lasting well over 20 years. Contact us about our warranty details and maintenance.

How do you replace the vinyl film?

The film is rolled in just like the screen. We can ship replacement vinyl film across Canada.

Where to buy sneeze guards for cashiers?

Contact Craft-Bilt at (800) 668-6430 ext 22. Have photos of your checkouts and dimensions. We’ll be able to price your sneeze guards on the phone. Email photos to