4 Track Stacking Windows


4 – Track Stacking Windows Turn Your Porch Into a Screen Room AND a Sunroom

The four-track frame design allows the sections to stack behind each other, permitting the maximum amount of ventilation. You can stack the window sections to the top, the bottom or anywhere in between. And if it cools down or it looks like rain, you simply expand the sections… now you’ve got a three season porch!

4-Track Stacking Window


What a great way to upgrade your existing porch or roof overhang into a combination sunroom / screenroom.

Heavy Gauge Construction

Our Grand Vista stacking windows feature maintenance-free aluminum and vinyl construction. High quality molded corner keys assure years of smooth, trouble-free operation.

4-Track Stacking windows are custom made to fit your openings. Matching doors and transom lites are available. Choose from four frame colours: White, Sand and Earthstone. Choose from three vinyl colours: Clear, Bronze and Smokey Grey.

Unique Vinyl Glazing Withstands Impacts

You can jamb your fist right into our heavy gauge 10 mil vinyl glazing with no ill effect. The space-age vinyl springs right back to its original position! Your safety is assured from flying objects like golf balls or children’s toys.

stacking windows


Vinyl glazing reduces glare, solar heat gain and protects your furnishings from fading due to UV.


4-Track Stacking Windows Specifications

  • Frame: Extruded Aluminum
  • Frame colours: White, Sand, EarthStone
  • Window panels: Super strong 10 mil Vinyl
  • Vinyl colours: Clear, Bronze or Smokey Grey
  • Up to 75% ventilation
  • Full height fiberglass screen
  • Minimum width 14”, maximum height 96”
  • Mounting flange is 7/8” wide


Stacking Windows in Action


4-Track Stacking Window Frame Colour Options:


Available Colours :

White Sand Earthstone

Colours are approximate. If you choose your colour from this page, a PDF or a printed flyer, be prepared that the actual colour you receive may be slightly different. Selecting your colour from an actual sample is advised.


Measuring and Installation for Stacking Windows

  • Recommended deduction of ¼” from RO (rough opening) width & height
  • Measure RO in several places and make ¼” deduction from narrowest point
  • Install from outside, fastening through the mounting flange
  • Screws provided
  • For mulling windows together use a minimum 2” wide post

Maintenance for Stacking Windows

  • Clean with warm soapy water and a sponge. Remove soapy water with a squeegy
  • To keep your Vinyl looking it’s best, use cleaner/conditioner annually
  • Keep sill and side tracks free of dirt & debris


4-Track Stacking Vinyl Window Retail Price List


  • Required rough opening for the door is 36”X 80”. The door comes with standard 18” kick plate.
  • Sometimes DIY sales are only available through a local contractor, in which case any DIY or promotional pricing on this web site does not apply.
  • Product prices and configuration are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Tax and shipping charges are not included.