Sunroom Kits

Do-It-Yourself Sunroom Kits: Enjoy the Outdoors, Indoors!


Grand Vista Three Season Sunroom Kits

If you are looking for a sunroom kit to install yourself, Grand Vista Sunroom Kits are an excellent choice. Wall sections are completely pre-fabricated, and tracks for the wall and floor are pre-cut. Grand Vista sunroom kits can be utilized for under existing installations such as porch enclosures or existing patio covers.

What’s Included

  • Pre-fabricated wall sections
  • 3″ thick roof system with overhang all around
  • Patio door and hardware
  • Pre-cut tracks and trims
  • Printed installation instructions
  • Fasteners for floor channel and roof hanger
  • Silicone sealant
  • Touch-Up Paint
  • 1 – Downspout, 3 – ‘A’ Elbows
  • Standard height front wall of 82¾”
  • Back wall height based on 1:12 pitch, approx 4½ degrees
  • Solid Kneewall panels 21½” high
  • Each wall section contains a side sliding single glazed window with screen
  • 20 minutes of hands-on installation training in our factory – pickup customers only
  • Contact us for installation instructions.

What You’ll Need

  • Above-average DIY installation skills
  • 1 Helper
  • Tools  (Please click on Tool List tab)
  • A deck built to code, with piers below the frost line
  • Flashing for the deck and roof

Visit our Sunroom Installation Training page and also you can download Sunroom Installation Instructions for more information.

Layouts and Price

Country: US

Grand Vista Sunroom Kit Cost and Dimensions:

Sunroom Kit Layout 1
Width: 10 feet and 1 inch
Projection: 10 feet
Door: 5′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 47 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
10′ X 10′ Sunroom $18,500 *

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch

Sunroom Kit Layout 2
Width: 12 feet
Projection: 10 feet
Door: 5′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 47 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
12′ X 10′ Sunroom $20,500 *

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch-2

Sunroom Kit Layout 3
Width: 14 feet
Projection: 10 feet
Door: 5′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 47 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
14′ X 10′ Sunroom $21,900*

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch-3

Sunroom Kit Layout 4
Width: 10 feet and 1 inch
Projection: 12 feet
Door: 6′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 29 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
10′ X 12′ Sunroom $21,000*

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch-4

Sunroom Kit Layout 5
Width: 12 feet
Projection: 12 feet
Door: 6′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 29 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
12′ X 12′ Sunroom $22,000 *

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch-5

Sunroom Kit Layout 6
Width: 14 feet
Projection: 12 feet
Door: 6′ Patio Door
Allowable Load: 29 PSF
Roof included

Prefab sunroom cost:
14′ X 12′ Sunroom $24,300 *

Made to Order

Sunroom Kit Sketch-6

  • The layouts above are samples. All sunroom kits are custom-made. Send a sketch to [email protected], call us at (800) 668-6430 or fill out our contact form.
  • Drawings show the patio door on the left wall but you can place your patio or storm door on any wall.
  • Back wall height is adjustable to suit your needs, 1:12 pitch minimum (approx 4.5 degrees).
  • The back wall heights shown do not include the roof. Roof hanger assembly will add approx. 5″.
    The prices above include our PanelCraft™ 3″ EPS foam core insulated roof.
  • Local snow loads or building code requirements may require the use of a different core or thickness which will increase the cost.

*Ask about our DIY discount.
* Tax and shipping charges are not included.
* Sometimes DIY sales are only available through a local contractor, in which case any DIY or promotional pricing on this website does not apply.

*This page shows 3 Season Sunroom Kit prices, please contact us for Insulated Sunroom Kit prices.
* Product prices and configurations are subject to change without prior notice.
*Product prices and configuration are approx. Please contact us for more details.

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Tool List

Tools You Will Need to Install Your Sunroom

Power Tools:

  • Variable speed cordless drill
  • Impact drill (Nice to have)
  • Hammer drill (if you need to drill on concrete)
  • Sufficient quantity & gauge extension cords

For Screws:

  • 2 – #2 Robertson head driver bits
  • 1 – 7/16″ hex head driver bit

For Drills:

  • 2 – ¼” drill bits for clearance holes for anchors
  • 1 – ¼” masonry drill bits (Available from Craft-Bilt )
  • 1 – 2⅜” hole saw for downspout

Hand Tools:

  • 1 – caulking gun
  • 1 – white rubber mallet
  • 1 – utility knife
  • 1 – channel lock pliers
  • 1 – snips for trimming the flashing
  • 1 – #2 Robertson screw driver
  • 2 – putty knives with 2″-3″ blade
  • 1 – hammer
  • 1 – hacksaw

Measurement Tools:

  • 1 – 4′ level
  • 2 – 25′ tape measures
  • 1 – speed square
  • 1 – framing square
  • 1 – chalk line


  • 3′ & 6′ ladders
  • 8′ aluminum brake (nice to have) or have flashing bent for you by a local siding company
  • saw horses
  • safety goggles
  • lacquer thinner & white rags for cleaning up scuff marks on aluminum channels


Get Your Sunroom Kit Sample Now!

Sunroom Hand Sample

Option: Custom Transom Above Windows

Do you want to see and feel the sunroom you are planning to install? We understand that purchasing a sunroom kit is a major event, so we have prepared sunroom wall and roof samples for you. These samples are $150 including shipping anywhere in Canada. We will reimburse this amount when you purchase your sunroom kit from Craft-Bilt.

The wall sample is 24”X24”  and roof sample is 16″X16″

Please call (800) 668-6430 to order your sample. Major credit cards accepted.

Sunroom Kits-FAQ

FAQ for Sunroom kits

How difficult is it to install a Grand Vista sunroom kit?

You should be a competent renovator. The wall kit needs to be installed on a level floor. The tracks on the wall will allow for deviance from plumb of ¼”. The roof system needs to be installed to a structurally sound wall in a way that will support the local snowfall.

How long will it take to install a sunroom?

On a properly built and level deck, two trained installers can install most rooms in one day. A second day may be required to finish up things like, roof flashings, downspout & elbows, making sure all the screws are in place as per the installation guide and site clean up. A DIY’er team should allow an extra day.

What colours are available for sunroom kits?

Sunroom kits are available in white colour. However, Sand and Earthstone colours are available with longer lead times. Please inquire for details at (800) 668-6430.

4 Track Window Colours

White, Sand, and Earthstone

How long does it take to receive my sunroom after I order?

During our busy season, April to July, our goal is to have your order ready in 6-8 weeks (in normal conditions). Please contact us to learn our current lead times. You can pick up your order but make sure you have a truck & trailer capable of fitting the wall sections and roof panels. Shipping can take anywhere from 2-7 days, depending on how far away you are from Toronto.

What happens if materials are damaged during transportation?


We pack your sunroom shipment very well, but should the unthinkable happen, it is VERY important that you indicate on the shipping receipt that the shipment is damaged and take pictures before opening any packages. The trucking company will ask for the pictures and may send an adjuster to view the shipment. If you know an adjuster is coming, don’t open the packages, he’ll want to see them as they came off the truck. If these steps are followed, then Craft-Bilt will be able to make a claim with the truckers insurance company, and we’ll be able to send replacement parts right away. Of course, we’ll need the pictures too so we can be sure of the parts you need.

Can you ship to my house?

We can ship anywhere in Canada. Carriers usually charge extra for residential delivery. For example, a typical 12′ x 12′ room with a roof can be shipped to Sudbury, Ontario, for $600 – $800. Once you have decided which sunroom design is right for you, we can provide your shipping cost.

Do I need to obtain a building permit for the sunroom?

Yes. Building permits are the responsibility of the homeowner. Craft-Bilt can provide standard load tables and connection details. You, or a design service that you hire, should prepare drawings specific to your job, with details of your home, deck and sunroom. Craft-Bilt’s standard load tables and connection details are proprietary documents, they can be shown during pre-sales discussions with copies provided when you make your purchase.

What if I need help during the sunroom installation?

Installation instructions are supplied with your order. If you have above-average DIY installation skills, our instructions will be easy to follow. Here are some basic installation instructions to give you an idea of how the wall installation begins. Plus, when you pick up, ask for our 20-minute hands-on tips and tricks service. Our primary business is contractor sales. We do not have the resources to teach basic construction knowledge and we do not have installers or service personnel that can go to your job. That being said, we are happy to answer concise sunroom installation related questions.

Also please check our Sunroom Installation Training Basics for more information.

What is the warranty on Grand Vista sunrooms?

Craft-Bilt’s warranty applies to a properly installed product that meets local building codes. Installation warranty is normally provided by the contractor, in this case, that’s you! For instance, a leak caused by improper sealing or flashing is an installation issue and not covered by our warranty. A leak should be remedied right away to make sure it does not affect warranty coverage.

Please Note:
The building permit is your responsibility. Craft-Bilt has standard connection drawings and load tables available to submit with your application. Any additional work to assist with your permit will be charged. The Roof supplied with your sunroom kit has an EPS (foam) core. A few jurisdictions in Ontario and Alberta take issue with the foam core. In these jurisdictions, it is appropriate to use our honeycomb core panels, which are slightly more expensive. You are responsible for the selection of the appropriate roof system for your locale. Pressure-treated wood will eat away at untreated aluminum; the unpainted underside of the flashing must be isolated from the PT wood with a suitable barrier.

Sunroom Kit Installation Instructions

How to Install Craft-Bilt’s Grand Vista Sunroom Kits.


Please download it from the installation instruction webpage.


See installed jobs on our Youtube Channel.

These are the most common installation guides. If your specific situation is not addressed, please contact us at (800) 668-6430 or [email protected]

Instructions can be updated without notice. Please inquire about the latest version.

Craft-Bilt’s warranty applies to a properly installed product only. Please contact us for warranty details. Labour and installation warranty are provided by the contractor who sells and installs the product. If you purchase products to install yourself (or have installed), then you are solely responsible for labour, installation, and building code issues. DIY’ers should have above-average construction skills and knowledge of building practices and codes. Please carefully read the footnotes on your quote or sales order. Purchases are bound by our Terms and Conditions of Sale.