Vista window

Vista Sunroom Windows


The Vista Sun Room window

The Vista Sun Room window has the same great features as the Grand Vista Three Season Room: These rooms are screen wall systems converted to three season by installing Vista windows. Some clever designing means that the notched ends of the window frame are hidden from view.

Side sliding windows provide a great view as well as a great look. The nylon rollers provide a smooth opening & closing operation. They are custom made to fit your existing wood framework. They can also be used to convert your aluminum screen room to a three season room. Available in three colours: white, earthstone, sand.


Vista Window Integrated Frame Structure

Look closely, the edge of the Header & Sill extrusions are hidden from view by a unique fin built into the Side Jamb extrusion.

The legs of the Side Jamb are notched back to allow the Header or Sill to fit. Look closely, the edge of the notched leg is hidden from view by a unique fin built into the Header & Sill.

Look closely, the weatherstripping is “cradled” in concave shaped guides, resulting in a better seal and smoother operation.

Water Drainage System

The weep holes in our Vista windows have attractive, colour matched covers.

Easy To Operate

The Vista windows glide on nylon rollers. Other windows in the industry use plastic blocks.

Water Control System

The sloped Sill of our Vista windows means your room is dry and there is no standing water in the tracks

White Sand Earthstone