Although house prices are beginning to rise once again, the real-estate market is still a very difficult one, and homeowners are increasingly looking to improve and add value to their current properties rather than go through the financial and emotional upheaval of moving house.

Listed among Remodeling Magazine’s top 10 projects, adding a sunroom, and particularly an all-season sunroom to a home, effectively adds an extra space with multiple purposes, and aesthetic as well as financial benefit.  With all-season sunrooms being durable enough to provide all year round comfort, even in heavy snow, the appeal of bringing the outdoors inside is irresistible.  Just covering a patio with an awning, or leaving an open wall to your sunroom will mean that you cannot use the space during inclement weather, so anything other than an enclosed space will not have the financial benefits you may require.

All season sunroom in canadian winter

All season sunroom in Canadian winter

Four season sunroom in Canadian Summer

All season sunroom in Canadian Summer

For the family that maybe wishes to spend more time at home, and enjoy all the benefits of a “staycation”, the extra space to entertain family and friends, or to use as a sunny and bright breakfast room or family room, makes a sunroom almost an essential part of the home.  With many different designs on the market, there is bound to be something that is an ideal fit for your property, and the size of your family.

Quality is as important a consideration as cost, and you should make sure that you see full-size models of example sunrooms at showrooms, or even visit a display home, or request photographs of previous work before committing to a contractor.  Make sure your contractor sees your home, and the space they will be working with, before you agree to any final costs for the project.  Other questions you should ask are whether your contractor will be doing the work themselves, or whether they plan to sub-contract the work out.  Your checklist should also factor in essential workmen such as electricians to make sure the space is safe and fit for purpose.  Proper preparation will prevent a possible headache later on.

It is important to get the best quality materials available, and with companies such as Craft-Bilt, who have been manufacturing top-quality home improvement products since 1946, you know that you are in safe hands with a trusted name.

Once your dream sunroom is finished, all you have to do is enjoy it – rain or shine, winter or summer.  Adding an all-season sunroom, and the extra equity to your home, makes perfect sense.

By Bart Bremmers