Ugly Railing Posts

DIY railing from big box stores will use posts with spot-welded outer brackets that allow the rails to slide in. Easy to be sure, you can cut the rails with a hack saw and hide the nasty cut edge inside the bracket.
Ugly Railing
Ugly Railing 2

Spot Welded Outer Brackets

The Look of Finish Carpentry

Cutting hand and bottom rails to fit tight between the posts requires a bit more skill, but the finished appearance is like night and day.

The beauty of Craft-Bilt Structural Railing is in its clean lines


Ugly Railing Brackets and Stair Hinges

Hinges are convenient, and we have considered them, but there is no hinge design that looks good.
Ugly Railing

Ugly Railing Brackets

Nothing beats the look of a nicely mitered stair rail.
Nice Looking Railing

Curb Appeal

Looking from the road, it’s easy to see who has succumbed to the off-shore bracket-style railing, and who has made the investment of skilled labour. Nothing beats the finished look of hand and bottom rails that have been cut to fit snug between the posts.