An Excellent Option for your Sunroom Ceiling: WoodHaven Ceiling Planks

Dress up your Betterliving or Grand Vista sunroom ceiling with our Woodhaven ceiling panels. Each plank has a tongue and a groove edge that fits easily together. It is a great way to add the look of wood, for those customers that were considering a conventional stick framed addition.

Add warmth and pizazz to your three or four season sunroom. There are many different colours and woodgrain styles available. Please visit the Betterliving Sunrooms photo gallery for more pictures.

Sunroom Wood Trim for the ceiling

Wood Ceiling Planks for Your Sunroom

all season sunroom wood ceiling planks

A-Frame Betterliving sunroom with wood ceiling planks

sunroom with wood plank ceiling

Betterliving sunroom with Woodhaven ceiling plank option