Grand Vista Insulated Sunrooms

Grand Vista Insulated Sunrooms are an economical way to enjoy the outdoors. Sunrooms are custom made to your specifications and shipped in prefabricated wall sections.


Grand Vista Insulated Sunrooms… Engineered for the Canadian Climate

Grand Vista insulated sunrooms with side sliding glass windows are great for relaxing in almost any kind of weather. Every wall section comes standard with a high-quality side sliding vinyl window with Low E coating and argon gas. Insulated sunrooms are sometimes referred to as all-season or four season sunrooms. The Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom has thicker 3″ wall framing made from maintenance free aluminum. All wall framing features a thermal isolation system referred to as a “thermal break” for improved insulation. Click the Specifications tab for more information.

Grand Vista 4 season sunrooms are available in two colours: white and sand. Click on the Specifications tab to view colour chips.

All Season Sunroom

Each wall section of your Grand Vista sunroom comes standard with an operating window, including screens. Your sunroom will be made with corner-to-corner window sections (no “filler” panels, like other systems), so on those warm sunny days, you can open each of them to enjoy the warm breeze and smell the flowers. But when the weather gets too hot or cold, you can close those double or triple glazed windows and benefit from optional heating or cooling solutions.

For the roof of your sunroom, choose from Craft-Bilt’s Northlander™ Skyview translucent roof system or our PanelCraft™ aluminum insulated roof panels. Skyview has an exclusive option of 1¼” (32mm) thick multi-wall sheets for maximum insulation. Our PanelCraft™ insulated panels are available in 3″, 4½” and 6″ thicknesses,  but for all season sunrooms customers usually choose 4½” or 6″. Note that the span of your sunroom roof may dictate a thicker panel.



Insulated Sunroom Applications

Grand Vista Insulated Sunrooms are as versatile as our 3 Season Grand Vista Sunrooms. Here are some ways to enjoy an insulated sunroom:

  • More space to: make crafts, entertain, relax and read the paper or watch TV, let your pets play or lounge
  • Two roof designs to choose from: A-Frame Sunroom (cathedral ceiling) and Studio Sunroom (“lean-to” or “shed” roof design)
  • Under existing (close in an existing patio roof)
  • Insulated front porch enclosure
  • Four season balcony enclosure
  • Enclosure for a hot tub, swim spa or lap pool

Year Around Sunroom  Four Season Sunroom in Snow  Sunroom Insulated Room All Season   Insulated Grand Vista Sunroom 


Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom Specifications

Sunroom Corner Post

Massive 4” x 4” Corner Post

  • Pour & Debridge thermal break, the same thermal barrier used on commercial buildings throughout the world. The sunroom extrusion is designed with a cavity into which a liquid polyurethane polymer is poured, the “Pour”. After curing, the back of the cavity is cut away, the “Debridge”, and the thermal break is complete!





Sunroom Water Control System
Water Control System for Sunrooms

  • Floor Track with Pour & Debridge thermal break
  • Hidden weep holes so your sunroom has a clean appearance
  • Floor Track has sloped surface to ensure all drainage is quickly directed to the exterior of the sunroom – no standing water like those systems with flat floor tracks!

Sunroom Adjustable Header section

Adjustable Swivel Header

  • Supports the roof panels of sunroom properly – other systems place all the weight of the roof on the edge of a square channel
  • Your sunroom looks clean and finished inside – no unsightly angle trim like other sunrooms
  • Pour & Debridge thermal isolation





Sealed Insulating Glass for All Season Sunrooms

Insulated Sunroom Glass

Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom windows include:

  • Multi-chamber vinyl framework for maximum insulation
  • Double glazed with Low E and Argon
  • Triple Glazed windows also available


Available Colours for All Season Sunrooms

Grand Vista 4 season sunrooms are available in two colours: white and sand.

Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom Colours



Frequently Asked Questions for Insulated Sunrooms:

What is an insulated sunroom?

An insulated sunroom is also called a four-season sunroom or an all-season sunroom. The sunroom is a pre-fabricated wall and roof system added to your home to provide added enjoyment of the outdoors and extra living space. The framing is made of maintenance-free materials, predominantly aluminum. The wall sections are typically custom made, no greater than five feet in width. Each section contains a high quality side sliding window, beneath the window is the “kneewall” which is built with a solid panel or insulated tempered glass. If extra height is desired, “transom glass” is added to the tops of the windows and doors

Typically the roof is made with insulated aluminum panels that come in varying thickness. Thicker panels have more insulation and can span farther. Sunrooms have typically differed from solariums because they don’t use glass in the roof. This line has blurred in recent years with the introduction of polycarbonate roof systems for sunrooms. The translucent multi-wall sheets used in these roofs are safer and lighter than glass, they filter the bright light, and they don’t have the heat or glare of glass roofs. The walls of a solarium typically have a great deal of fixed glass with the occasional casement window, as opposed to a Grand Vista insulated sunroom wall which typically consists of corner-to-corner side sliding windows.

What is the best way to utilize an insulated sunroom?

Insulated sunrooms are used for many great reasons: entertainment, place to relax, room for my pets, TV room, enjoy the outdoors and seasons… the list goes on and on. Finishing touches like beautiful flooring and wicker furniture help create that perfect retreat. Because of the insulating nature of these sunrooms they can be heated and cooled to extend their use and comfort.

What are the advantages of Craft-Bilt’s sunrooms vs. competitors?

Grand Vista Insulated Sunrooms use exceptional-quality vinyl windows- the same windows you would find in the home of any discerning customer. All of our sunrooms utilize swivel header designs that support the roof weight evenly and eliminate unsightly gaps inside the room that competitors don’t address or cover with an ugly angle.

How much does a four-season sunroom addition cost?

There are a lot of variables: Is a new deck required? Is there an obstruction, for instance, a water spigot, that needs to be moved? An installed 12 x 12 four-season sunroom could start around $35,000, but the cost of the deck, building permit and other factors will affect that number.

What is the return on investment for an insulated sunroom?

Many studies and opinions have been published in renovation magazines about the value of major renovations like kitchens, bathrooms, and sunrooms. Check out resources like Remodeller magazine and search for their Cost vs. Value report. Sunrooms are often in the top ten for return on investment, recouping at least 50% of your investment. There are factors that can affect your return on investment, like where you live.

But the real return on investment is the improvement in your lifestyle. Your sunroom will quickly become the house’s favourite room, your private retreat. You can’t put a price on peace and tranquillity.

How long does it take to install an all-season sunroom?

The actual installation can take as little as three days for an all-season enclosure. Additional time will be required if you are building an A-frame style sunroom, a new deck is required, a service (i.e. gas meter, water spigot, bathroom fan, etc.) needs to be moved, or there is some other complexity to the project.

Building permits can take up to two weeks, but often there can be delays due to zoning, minor variance or certain issues with the permit application. Your contractor will not order material until the permit is issued after which you have to contend with the backlog at the factory. Factory backlogs for all season sunrooms are around six weeks, but your contractors backlog could be longer than that.

So if you are thinking about an all season sunroom and hope to have it installed before the summer, get started early!

Can I Use My Existing Deck For An Insulated Sunroom?

If your deck was built to building code specifications, there is a good chance it will suffice, but you will have to prove to the city that it is built to code. Open decks are built with a slope away from the building, so even if it is code-compliant, it may need to be leveled. Deck blocks will not do. Your deck needs footings, typically concrete piers deep enough into the ground to not be lifted when the ground freezes. In recent years, large steel helical piers have been used instead of concrete. Helical piers have certain advantages over concrete that you can discuss with your contractor.

Do I need a building permit for my insulated sunroom?

Yes. Often your contractor will often include the professional drawings and the permit application as part of their price to you.  Some contractors will provide the drawings and allow you to obtain the permit yourself.

Can I install an all season sunroom myself or do I need a contractor?

A homeowner with a high level of construction skill can tackle our Grand Vista pre-fabricated three season sunroom. Insulated sunrooms require a bit of extra care to make sure they are sealed and insulated well. Installing an insulated sunroom requires many skills, for instance: framing, flashing, metal work, roofing, electrical and HVAC. Craft-Bilt’s warranty is for properly installed product and does not include installation related issues. Please fill out our contact form and we will reply with the product information you require as well as the name of a local contractor if desired.